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Illuminate Your Home With These Awesome DIY Candle Holders

Sure, candles are romantic and intimate, but you don’t truly appreciate them until the electricity goes out, do you? You better make sure you always have some candles at hand, in case of a blackout emergency! And since every candle needs a holder like Romeo needs Juliet, here is a roundup of unique DIY candle holders that will illuminate your home and fill it with love and light!

Glass Bead Candle Holder

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Even without a candle inside to light it up, this candle holder will look beautiful. The candle, however, adds a special touch that makes it light up, reminding us of a crystal ball! Visit Mom Luck and be mesmerized by how simple it is to make it!

Seashell Candle Holder

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If your heart yearns for the ocean, do make this seashell candle holder to bring a piece of it into your home. It’s the perfect craft for clam lovers, because you can make it from the clams you’ve had for lunch – check out how Whats Ur Home Story pulled this off!

Rope Wrapped Candle Holder

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Another ocean-themed candle holder that will bring you a feeling of endless summer! This project is ridiculously simple and you can really play around with the sea elements you want to add to it. Stone Gable has a detailed how-to, so don’t miss it!

Twine and Glass Candle Holders

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We love the projects that let you bring in a piece of yourself! Use the twine to write a powerful word or play around with shapes and patterns on the glass candle holder, making it extra special and one of a kind! Find the inspiration at What About This!

Thin Candle Holders

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Looking for something more subtle? These thin candle holders are pretty amazing! They have a tendency to blend in with the rest of your décor, leaving the candles to their glory! Design For Mankind shares the tutorial!

Concrete Candle Holder

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Here are some that won’t blend in, but will definitely stand on its own and perhaps even attract more attention than the candles themselves. All you need is the patience to work with concrete and the instructions at Polka Dot Made!

Cork Wrapped Candle Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYcork-wrapped-candle-holder

Yet another simple project that makes all the difference! Here’s a true proof that you don’t need to spend hours crafting something to make it look good – sometimes the best things are accomplished within minutes! Set your timer and visit By Stephanie Lynn!

Gold Glitter Candle Holder

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Make it shine like never before; with this gold glitter candle holder, the candlelight will be ever so captivating! Use it for special occasions or when you need some good vibes to lift you up! Earnest Home Co. has all the information you need!

Moroccan Candle Holders

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It’s a beautiful thing, being inspired by each other’s cultures, welcoming a bit of fresh air into our everyday patterns. Why not use this opportunity to celebrate Moroccan culture by making these breathtaking Moroccan handle holders?! Crème de la Craft will show you how!

Wood Candle Holders

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Despite today’s obsession with all things new and shiny, sometimes we swear by something classic. Enjoy the simple things and let this candle holder be your bond with nature. We owe this one to Cozy. Stylish. Chic.

Plaster-Dipped Candle Holders

VIEW IN GALLERYplaster-dipped

Would you believe us if we told you these candle holders are made out of fake flowers? If you answered that with a no, we’ll let Design Mom persuade you! These have got to be the single most unique candle holders we’ve ever seen and they are perfect for a romantic evening!

You’re now ready to light up your home, so get crafting and make sure to let us know which candle holder inspired you the most!