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Delicious Recipes That Prove the Greatness of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are full of important nutrients and low in calories. They’re also a useful ingredient in alternative snacks for people who are trying to eat gluten free. All in all they’re a total power

Check out these delicious recipes made with chia seeds!

1. strawberries and cream chia pudding

VIEW IN GALLERYstrawberries and cream chia pudding

(Source: The Ktchn)

Strawberry pudding tastes even better when it’s made with the real thing, and the chia seeds give it some texture.

2. Coconut chia protein pancakes

VIEW IN GALLERYCoconut chia protein pancakes

(Source: Dr Axe)

Making pancakes with chia seeds is a great way to keep them gluten free but full of protein.

3. Quinoa chia seed protein bars

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa chia seed protein bars

(Source: Wendy Polisi)

Homemade granola bars are usually full of protein, but chia seeds take their nutritional value to the next level.

4. Pumpkin pie oatmeal

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin pie oatmeal

(Source: Dr Axe)

Give your oatmeal texture and thickness by adding chia seeds along with great pumpkin flavour.

5. Orange vanilla bean chia pudding

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange vanilla bean chia pudding

(Source: One Ingredient Chef)

Creamy vanilla pudding is good, but it’s even better with delicious orange flavour and chia seeds.

6. Lemon muffins with chia seeds and honey glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon muffins with chia seeds and honey glaze

(Source: Pinch of Yum)

Chia seeds give these delicious lemon muffins extra nutrition and protein.

7. Apple “mug-muffins” with chia seeds

VIEW IN GALLERYApple %22mug-muffins%22 with chia seeds

(Source: Civilized Caveman Cooking)

“Mug muffins” are an awesome quick snack, but making them with chia seeds keeps them on the healthy side.

8. Blackberry chia jam

VIEW IN GALLERYBlackberry chia jam

(Source: The Kitchn)

Blackberry jam is always delicious but chia seeds make it especially satisfying.

9. Toasted oatmeal with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream

VIEW IN GALLERYToased oatmeal with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream

(Source: Cookie + Kate)

Everything about this recipe screams delicious and healthy in the greatest way.

10. Lemon chia seed pancakes with roasted strawberries

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon chia seed pancakes with roasted strawberries

(Source: Two Peas & Their Pod)

What’s even better than the healthy chia seed pancakes from earlier in the list? Lemon ones topped with strawberries, of course!

11. Chia seed peach cobbler

VIEW IN GALLERYChia seed peach cobbler

(Source: Dr Axe)

It’s amazing the different delicious treats that chia seeds can be incorporated into! This peach cobbler is a great example.

12. Mocha chocolate chunk chia brownies

VIEW IN GALLERYMocha chocolate chunk chia brownies

(Source: All Day I Dream About Food)

Chia seeds make brownies less calorie-laden without taking away any of the delicious chocolate flavour.

13. Chai spiced chia pudding with pomegranate

VIEW IN GALLERYChai spiced chia pudding with pomegranate

(Source: Whole Hearted Eats)

Chia pudding has amazing texture and fills you right up. This one has chai spice and pomegranate seeds for maximum flavour!

14. Honey lime chia dressing with fruit salad

VIEW IN GALLERYHoney lime chia dressing with fruit salad

(Source: Food For My Family)

Sometimes chia seeds are good as part of an accent to the meal rather than the main dish. This chia seed dressing adds sweetly citrus flavour to your faovurite fruit combinations.

15. Creamy chocolate hazelnut shake with chia

VIEW IN GALLERYCreamy chocolate hazelnut shake with chia

(Source: Detoxinista)

Chia seeds help keep this deliciously creamy chocolate hazelnut mixture this like a milkshake without adding extra creamy ingredients.

Do you have a favourite chia seed recipe that you don’t see here? Tell us about it in the comments section!