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10 Pinterest Worthy Button Crafts

If you sew, or simply hate to throw away anything that might be useful, you probably have a large collection of buttons. Put them to good use with these adorable yet functional DIY projects.

1. Button Necklaces

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton pendants

Use basic wire wrapping techniques to create pendants from vintage buttons. Add the pendants to dainty chains for vintage-inspired jewelry that’s sure to earn rave reviews. Craftsy has the details.

2. Button Earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton earrings

These adorable earrings use a cover button kit and fabric swatches as the base. They’re so easy to make that they’ll quickly become your new go-to DIY gift idea. Visit Brit + Co for the tutorial.

3. Button Bowl and Tray

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton tray

If you have a very large button collection that shares a similar color scheme, these button bowls and trays make an eye-catching addition to your home decor. Joann.com has the project details.

4. Button Checkerboard

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton checkerboard

Make family game night more fun with a custom checkerboard that uses colorful buttons for the game pieces. Visit Little Miss Momma to learn more.

5. Button Flip Flops

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton flip flops

Embellish plain flip flops with colorful buttons for a cute summertime wardrobe staple. Head over to Scrapbook & Cards today for the tutorial.

6. Umbrella with Buttons

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton umbrella

Are you sick of losing your umbrella? Make it memorable with a unique button monogram. Visit Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line to learn more.

7. Perpetual Calendar

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton calendar

A perpetual calendar is a stylish yet practical addition to your home decor, especially when it’s embellished with colorful buttons. Make Zine has project instructions.

8. Button Hair Clips

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton hair clips

Embellish plain hair clips with stacks of layered buttons for cute DIY hair accessories. Better Homes and Gardens has the details, as well as a slideshow with other fun button craft projects easy enough for kids to make.

9. Button Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton magnets

For a quick and easy craft project, use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to your favorite buttons. This project works best with larger buttons, but you could group several smaller buttons together if needed. Learn more at Big Box Detox.

10. Embellished Gift Wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYbutton gift wrap

Use buttons, twine, and an old-school label maker to add a festive touch to plain brown gift wrap. Photo courtesy of Craft and Creativity.