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Fun, Bright and Innovative: Fabulous Button Arts and Crafts

If there’s one thing our family loves doing in the DIY department, it’s upcycling crafts. The kids simply adore finding things around the house that we can get creative with in unconventional ways. Recently, our youngest found a bag of spare buttons we’ve been hoarding for years and asked if we can use some of those on our next “crafternoon”, so we’ve been combing through awesome button based projects ever since!

Just in case your family seems as enthusiastic about the idea of getting creative with buttons as ours is, if not more, here are 15 awesome ideas.

1. Adorable button earrings


Have you found smaller style earrings in cute colours that you were even able to uncover a partner for in your stash to make a pair? Then you’re almost ready to try your hand at making adorable button stud earrings, just like the ones you see here on The Life of Jennifer Dawn!

2. Button embellished Christmas cards


Perhaps you’d rather add buttons to something you’re making rather than constructing a new thing from the buttons themselves? Well, if you’re feeling in the holiday spirit already, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how M&J Trimmings used their little buttons to embellish an adorable Christmas card!

3. Button lampshade


Are you actually such a huge fan of button based crafts that you’d love to make a statement piece and include it as decor in your home? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Crafts By Amanda made this fantastically crafty DIY button covered lampshade quite simply indeed.

4. Cute button clothespin magnets


Just in case you’re the kind of family who loves hanging reminders, artwork, and takeout menus on the fridge where everyone can see them, here’s a fantastic idea for you! The Life of Jennifer Dawn suggests using glue to turn a wooden clothespin into a magnet but then dressing it up with a button on the end of each. Pinch the page into the clothespin and voila!

5. Crochet and button flower art


Are you actually also an avid yarn crafting enthusiast who always has some kind of knitting and crochet project on the go? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Whoot made these beautifully layered crochet flowers and added character by sewing buttons into the centre before mounting them on a page like soft art!

6. Cute button photo frame


Are you the kind of nostalgic person that adores hanging printed photos all around your home, even in the digital age? In that case, we’d think you simply must take a look at the way Happy Cake Crafts layered buttons in a whimsical, scattered way all around the edge of a photo frame until it looks fit for a fun photo of your kids.

7. Button and ribbon or chain necklaces


Perhaps you’d rather make yourself something cute a charming to wear if you’re going to put work into making a button craft from scratch? Well, here’s an option that’s perfect for those who are pressed for time! The Life of Jennifer Dawn shows you how to turn the button into a pendant by using ribbon or an old chain to make a simple DIY necklace.

8. DIY button gift bows


Just in case you’re an elaborate gift wrapper like ourselves, here’s an absolutely stunning way to make a gift ribbon so cute that the recipient will take it off and save it as a keepsake! Buttons Galore and More shows you how they did it with ribbons, lace, faux flowers, and, of course, buttons.

9. Button bowls and trays


If you’ve never made any kind of button bowl or tray then we’re very sorry to report that you’ve been missing out on some serious fun! There are all kinds of sizes and shapes you can make, depending on the technique you’d like to use, so we’d suggest taking a look at all the different kinds The Whoot has made in the past in order to help you decide.

10. Button and paperclip bookmarks


Did you like the simplicity of the button and clothespin fridge magnet idea we showed you earlier on our list but you simply find that you don’t use magnets all that often? Then maybe you’d get some better use out of a bookmark instead! Check out how The Life of Jennifer Dawn made several adorable ones using upcycled buttons and simple paper clips.

11. Layered button necklace


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about a button necklace but you’re just not sure that you want a look so simple, since you’ve been feeling up for a crafting challenge lately? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Adventures of a DIY Mom made this sort of interwoven button design where the buttons are laced together in a way that layers them.

12. Stitched and woven button bracelet


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of weaving a button necklace that layers uniquely but you don’t actually find yourself wearing necklaces all that often? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with this bracelet version the same style instead! See it in more detail on Smitten Kitten!

13. Button tree canvas art


Have you actually been looking for a craft that you and your kids can work on together, more like a collaboration, rather than just one you’d do at the same time but independently of one another’s projects? Then we think perhaps this lovely button embellished tree canvas art, outlined step by step on Craft Ideas 2 Live 4, might be right up your alley!

14. Button gift bags


Are you still thinking about our idea for making button embellished gift bags but what you’re really making is small party favours and there are too many of them to create very fancy ribbons for? Then we think you’ll get along better with something like these simple button and string fastened paper bags from The Life of Jennifer Dawn instead!

15. Button and popsicle stick colour sorting craft


What if we told you that you could use crafting techniques and buttons to help your youngest kids learn something new while still feeling like they’re having a super fun, crafty afternoon? Well, that’s exactly what Learning 4 Kids shows you how to do with this fantastic button and popsicle stick colour sorting activity!