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Inspiring Teacup Tyre Planters for Your Garden

Chances are you’d much rather put those old car tyres to good use, than confine them to the scrap heap for all eternity – why not transform them into something quite amazing for your garden?

That’s exactly what we’re giving you the opportunity to do with these simple yet incredibly effects teacup tyre planter ideas!


If you’ve been looking for that perfect way of making your garden stand out from the crowd while at the same time doing the environment a favor, this is the project for you.

With nothing more than a couple of old tyres you’d have no real use for anyway, you can create all manner of wonderful planter designs for the garden.

These teacup designs are some of our personal favorites, which open up a world of opportunities for painting and decorating.

It’s the perfect kind of project to get the kinds involved with – they’ll be so proud of the finished results.

Teacup Tyre Planters: Tutorials

VIEW IN GALLERYTeacup-Tyre-Planters-wonderfuldiy

VIEW IN GALLERYtea-cup- tyre planter6

We’ve brought together a bunch of the very best tutorials to help you dive right into the project of your dreams! From frogs to swans to ladybirds and so much more, take a look at the picture and take inspiration from the amazing idea some creative souls have already come up with! You can even use old tyres to line a small garden pond – it’s amazing how much good use these old rings of rubber can be put to!

Of course, you’ll need a very sharp blade or saw to make the necessary cuts, so it’s best not to get the kids involved until you’re ready to paint – which is undoubtedly the most fun part of all!

How to Cut a Tyre [Video Instructions]

YouTube video

More Inspiring Tyre Garden Pots

Finally, check out these other tyre ideas that we can assure you will like — they certainly add personality to your yard and brighten up the garden.

VIEW IN GALLERYtyre-planter7

VIEW IN GALLERYTyre-Swans tyre planter9The Tyre Swans Tutorial is available via LegendFeelCo

VIEW IN GALLERYfrog tyre planter2Frog Tyre Art for Your Garden, via TwoWomenAndAHoe

VIEW IN GALLERYGarden-Minion- tyre planter3

VIEW IN GALLERYlady-bug- tyre planter4Another one by TwoWomenAndAHoe

VIEW IN GALLERYtyre planter1

VIEW IN GALLERYtyre planter5This colorful tyre planter is available through LemonBeanAndThings

VIEW IN GALLERYtyre-ideas-- tyre planter8

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