Decorative Doily Candle Holders – Handmade in Minutes

You’ve probably seen these elegant candle holders before, but we bet you had no idea just how easy they are to make! What looks like a complex and wholly meticulously crafted work of art is in fact the kind of thing you can whip up at home in a matter of minutes, and without having to spend more than a couple of bucks at the most!

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As you can see, they’re perfectly suited to a wide variety of settings and look genuinely impressive. Any place around the home you’d normally place a candle could make the perfect home for one of these doily candle holders – simple, elegant and understated.

Decorative Doily Candle Holders

We told you there wasn’t much to it when it comes to making these things and we weren’t kidding either! All you’ll need to make as many of these decorative accents as you like is:

  • Some Old Crochet Doilies
  • Balloons
  • Wallpaper Paste

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Actually putting them together is as easy as soaking the doilies in the glue, wrapping them around the balloon (see picture for example) and then hanging them until dry…usually overnight. All you need to do then is pop the balloons and there you have it – your very own handmade tealight holders!

Note: It’s important to be careful when using any doilies made from material that may catch fire in the event that the candle’s flame makes contact with the sides of the holder. Never leave a candle burning unattended and perhaps consider using flameless LED candles if at all concerned.

And if you wan to use a bowl, or a glass instead of balloons ….

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    what wonderfull ideas!!!!!

    • wonderfuldiy

      Thanks ,NANTIA !

  • Alison

    Beautiful!! May I ask what size doilies you used?

    • wonderfuldiy

      It depends on your balloom’s size 🙂

  • Alex Jennings

    Thanks for sharing this idea with us! I’ve been thinking about getting some decorative candle lanterns, but these do-it-yourself doily candles seem extraordinary! Do you know if the kids will be able to help out with these? That would definitely make it go faster. 🙂

    Alex Jennings | Candle Lanterns

  • Douglas Brown

    My wife loves to make her own candle holders, and I love to find different and new candles! It’s a weird hobby of ours, but together we have a lot of fun. She has never done anything like these half-globes you have pictured, but I think it would be a great thing to try out! To think that this can only take minutes is astounding and even more of a reason to try them out.

  • Brandon Roberts

    You are totally right, there are very decorative candle holders. In fact, my sister is getting married soon, and she was wanting to have great candles and things at her wedding. I really think that if I were to show this to my sister, that she would be in love with this. Thanks a ton for the help!