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Wonderful DIY Your Own Cookie Cutters from Soda Can

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It’s time to get creative and make your own cookie cutters! If you can’t find the shape you are looking for, or you just don’t want to buy one, as expensive as they are, especially if it only to be used one time. So this is a fantasy way to make your cookies cutters from soda cans.

What needed:

A clean soda can
Adhesive tape, duct tape or glue
Work gloves
Sanding paper
Paper and pen

Directions :

1. Clean the emptied soda can.
2. Carefully cut the top and bottom off. Wearing protective gloves is highly advisable, since aluminum edges can cause serious cuts.
3. cut stripes out of the soda can.
4. Smoothing these stripes with sanding paper.
5. Print or draw your shapes onto some paper.
6. Cut out these shapes with cardboard.
7. Use these cardboard shapes to by “wrapping” your metal strip around it, in order to take on the shape of the object.
8. finish the bending part, glue the two ends together (food grade if you want).