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DIY Basket Woven from Recycled Newspaper

What could be more incredible that a handmade basket to be used around the home for a thousand and one purposes? Well, how about an amazing woven basket that’s actually made of nothing more than old recycled newspapers?

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We’re all about making the best of waste products – especially things like newspapers were millions are tossed in the trash every day. By using this wonderfully simple technique (see the guide and illustrations) you’ll soon be able to transform those old newspapers into the most wonderfully creative craft projects the likes of which could bring wonderful new convenience and decorative touches to your home!

Recycle Newspapers Into Laundry Baskets?

This is an age-old technique that isn’t used nearly as much as it deserves to be these days. All you have to do is take your old newspaper sheets and roll them into tight tubes as you can see in the illustrations. After this, it’s simply a case of using these tubes to weave the basket of your choosing in exactly the same way as you might do with wicker or plastic. You can paint the tubes in any color you desire, make a basket of any shape or size you wish and you’ll find yourself able to create dozens of amazing baskets with just a few standard newspapers! It really is one of the best ways we’ve ever come across of giving something that would otherwise go in the trash and amazing second life as something else!

It’s also unbelievably addictive – once you’ve put your first basket together, you’ll find yourself making more and more all the time!

DIY Newspapers Basket: Pictures Tutorial

Chances are you might never want to throw out a newspaper ever again!

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