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DIY Vertical Planter and Bird Bath Combo – Free Guide

If you’ve been looking for the perfect addition to a garden where space is already in short supply, you’ll simply love this incredible vertical planter and bird bath combo. By far one of our all-time favorite DIY projects aimed at those with smaller gardens, it’s a perfect demonstration of the fact that even where there’s limited space to work with, you can still make you garden and absolute masterpiece!

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In this instance, what you’re looking at is a wonderful tower of pots which features a full five planters for the flowers of your choosing and even a cute little bird bath at the top! Best of all, you only need a few basic (and cheap!) supplies to make it at home, so it won’t cost you nearly as much as a standard store-bought planter.

Vertical Planter and Birds Bath Combo: Supplies

  • One 8″ tall terracotta pot for the base
  • Four 6″ tall pots
  • One 4″-5″ tall pot
  • 62 inch piece of rebar.
  • Spray paint primer.
  • Spray paint іn your color choice.
  • Discarded Glass Light Globe
  • Small ceramic bird (Optional)
  • DAP Household/Aquatic Adhesive

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If you need a detailed tutorial, folks at Homestoeisatoz have it and will allow you to use it to your heart’s content. This pretty blue design is one of the nicest we’ve come across, though it’s totally up to you what kinds of colors and decorate accents you choose. This is also a great project where the kids can help out – especially when it comes to decorating the finished planter!

Yet more evidence that size isn’t everything and that the best things in life often come in the smallest packages!

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These garden people are made from Terra Cotta pots. And they are so fun.

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