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Wonderful DIY Unique Rock Planter

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I love this uique rock planter . It’s a great focal point in the yard that always sparks up a conversation – it would also make a great indoor accent, perhaps for storing bathroom towels or toiletries!

What you will need :

strong (not flimsy!) metal can or bucket that holds its shape when moved ;
2 sheets 12” x 12” river rock mesh tile;
thin set mortar;
grout (sanded or nonsanded);
putty knife,
large sponge.
You can buy all things from Home Depot.


1. For a planter, punch a few holes in the bottom with a hammer and a thick nail first for drainage .

2. Apply a thick layer of thin set mortar then cutting the mesh tile with a box cutter and layering the tile on the outside of the bucket.

3. Turn the bucket upside down using the top rim as the base to hold the mesh tile to the bucket and allow the thin set mortar to dry. You need to work in sections, mixing small amounts of thin set at a time and allowing each section to dry for about an hour, then allowing all of the thin set to dry for a full day.

4. Mix up some grout, added it with a putty knife, then removed excess with a sponge.

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