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Wonderful DIY Flower Pot From An Old Kettle

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This is a DIY fun art project that will help you make use of old junk and add beauty in your home. If you have old kettle that is no longer in use. It is a great idea to turn the kettle into a lovely flower pot.
What You Need: An old tea kettle that is no longer in use, different coloured pebbles, paint, soil, flowers, glue, tracing paper.
Instructions: Start by cleaning the kettle. Use cleaning wire to scrub it clean and remain with a shiny surface. Leave it to dry for twenty to thirty minutes. Use the paint you have and paint over the kettle in black paint. Leave it to dry for six hours and apply the second base and leave it to dry off overnight. The next morning, after ensuring that the paint has dried off completely, you can place the tracing paper on the kettle and use a marker to curve out flowers. Take out the trace paper and use the paint you have to paint out the flowers following the tracing. This will help you come up with beautifully shaped and coloured flowers. Make different kinds of flowers to make your kettle look and seem very attractive. Next pick the pebbles and start sticking them on the kettle one by one using glue. Stick the pebbles on the kettle till you reach half way. You can also create different patterns with the pebbles, anything that will make your flower pot look stunning. After the glue dries off, take the soil put it inside your kettle and plant in your flowers. Pour in some water and place the flowerpot where you want it to go.
Source: https://bit.ly/1miCOrF