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Wonderful DIY Tie The Monkeys Fist Knot

VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot FHere is a fun tutorial about how to tie a simple monkey’s fist decorative knot .The monkey fist knot is one of the most popular knots in the world. It originally used as a heavy line knot for sailors, it is now more popular as a decorative knot and can be found in many crafts and fashion projects, such as pet necklace,earring ,key chains and so on. Follow the pictures or video, enjoy !

VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot0.0VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-0VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-1 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-2 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-3 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-5 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-6 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-7 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-8 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot-10 VIEW IN GALLERYTie-a-Monkeys-Fist-Decorative-Knot11

YouTube video

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