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Wonderful DIY Stylish Denim Skirt From Old Jeans


VIEW IN GALLERYjean skirt MDenim skirts are a fashion staple that seem to transcend fashion fads. Instead of shopping for just the right denim skirt, save some money and have some fun by making your own. Making a skirt from jeans is incredibly easy to do and gives an aging pair of jeans brand new fashionable life.

You will need:
– old jeans ;
– 3 pieces of white crochet and a different one for the belt;
– sewing machine;
– scissors.

1. Take your jeans and cut theirs legs down to the desired length.
2. Take the first piece of crochet and sew it along the end of the skirt and do the same for the other 2. Sew each piece into the other piece. If you want your skirt to be longer you can add as many pieces you want to it.
3. Take the other different crochet piece and sew it on the upper part of the skirt where your belt should be and you have finished it.