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Wonderful DIY Steamed Ladybug Cupcakes

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When I first saw this adorable cupcake, I was so impress by the cute little Ladybug steam cupcake. I tell myself I must try to do this one day.
Ladybug Steam cupcakeIt was a definitely must-try recipe, as the steamed cupcakes are simply so irresistable and interesting…

3 cold eggs
275g plain flour
3 tsp baking powder
150ml fresh milk
1 tsp ovalette
220g castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

1) Put all the ingredients ina mixing bowl and beat with medium high speed for 6 minutes.
2) Take 1 tbsp plain mixture and put into a piping bag.
3) Take 3 tbsp plain mixture, mix with brown colouring and put into piping bag.
4) Colour the rest of the mixing with bright red and filled into a piping bag.
5) Pump the red into a paper cup about 8% full. Draw a cross with the brown mixture and do dots on both sides.Colour the upper half of the cross brown and make 2 plain dots for the eye and fill the inside with the plain mixture.
6) Steam with meduim high heat for 12 minutes.
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