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Wonderful DIY Yarn Heart Wreath With Balloon

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon0 VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon1 VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon2 VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon3 VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon4There are lots of balloon-and-yarn projects in craft blogland, this yarn heart wreath is easy and fun to make .

You will need:

  • 2 long skinny balloons (the type used to make balloon animals)
  • balloon pump (unless you have gorilla lungs)
  • white (PVA) glue
  • water
  • container for glue
  • yarn
  • pair of scissors
  • pin or sharp thing
  • length of ribbon (optional)
  • drop cloth or newspaper

Instructions :

1. Using the pump, blow up the two skinny balloons. Try making them of equal size or as close to it as possible leaving tails a few inches long. Knot them.
2. Gently tie the knotted end to the tail end to create two loopy balloons as shown.
3. Cut up your yarn into several 2-3 ft (60-90 cm) lengths. Pour some glue out into the container. Add a little water to the glue to make it a little runnier than normal. Say 4:1 glue to water.
4. Now to the messy part. One at a time, drop your yarn pieces into the glue, coating them fully and removing any excess dripping glue. Wrap your gluey yarn around a balloon. Continue in this way, wrapping your balloons with gluey yarn, criss-crossing over lower layers and building up a web of yarn around each balloon. Let these dry overnight on clean glass or plastic. Do not dry it on paper or you’ll wind up with gobs of paper permanently attached to your heart.
5. The next day: Prick the balloons with a pin (or sharp thing) and gently pull out the balloon carcasses.
6.started with the bottom joint. and butted the two ends together . No glue yet.
7. And for the top joint, cut away half the cylinder (equal in length to the diameter of the cylinder).
8. This made a recess into which the other end fit nicely. Now checked to be sure that with both sides butted together my heart was actually heart-shaped. maybe you need trim a little off the bottom of one side so it all looked hunky dory.
9. Then strengthened both joints with several lengths of gluey yarn. Notice the many overlaps. Once dry, these joints are strong like bull. At this point, also added a few lengths of yarn over the rest of the heart to make it extra robust. Allow your heart to dry out overnight on glass or plastic.
The next morning, find your heart ready to be hung up and admired!
String it up with a ribbon, place it in a window and let the sun beam through it. VIEW IN GALLERYHeart yarn Wreath with balloon FSource : https://bit.ly/1nyJx1l