Wonderful DIY Recycled Chicken Coops

VIEW IN GALLERYTrampoline-Chicken-Coop3-wonderfuldiyI bought a trampoline for my kids about two years ago, there is many space under it . So we also bought 4 hens to feed them in it after doing the net around the trampoline , and we made a Chicken Coop using the old coffee table too . The hens are my kids’ pets, they have fun with them and eat their organic eggs everyday.

Today I found this creative idea of turning an old trampoline into a Chicken Coop! There is no tutorial but pictures. However it really inspire me to do a better chicken coop for my chicken . Let’s check the another similar version , and make our own chicken coop. I can’t wait to create one ~~(Photo source : Homestead Survival)

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Click Here for the details of this Trampoline Chicken Coop

VIEW IN GALLERYTrampoline-Chicken-Coop-wonderfuldiy 2Get the instructions for this DIY Chicken Coop from Killerbdesigns

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Backyard-Chicken-Coop from cabinet

Turn an old cabinet into a chicken coop — Tutorial here

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Backyard-Chicken-Coop from mobile

DIY Mobile Chicken House — Tutorial here

VIEW IN GALLERYSwing-Set-Chicken-Coop--wonderfuldiy

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Backyard-Chicken-Coop from swing

Turn an old  Swing Set into a  chicken coop– Tutorial here

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet-Chicken-House-wonderful diy

DIY Pallet Chicken House –  Tutorial HERE

Here are 10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop, it’s s what experts recommend to keep your feathered friends in fine fettle, please check the link below for the details :

VIEW IN GALLERY10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop

 This old house — 10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop

After getting the chicken coops, please don’t forget to make a chicken feeder ! This PVC chicken feeder is very simple and it will make your life so much easier.

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Click Here for Tutorial from Backyard Chickens

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You can turn your old Car or Tractor Wheel Rims into these chicken Nesting Boxes, it’s a creative idea and easy to make .  Picture Source1, Source2.