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Wonderful DIY Pretty Leaf Friendship Bracelets


VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-fIf you are a fan of friendship bracelets, you should try this tutorial for Pretty Leaves Friendship Bracelets .You can choose any colors that you like. They can be occasion-specific, like your favorite sports team’s colors, or holiday-specific, like various shades of red and green for Christmas, or adding beads to you personalized DIY bracelets with this easy homemade bracelet pattern. Get crafty ! VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet 0VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet1 Image via: candicecharlsonVIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-4 VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-8 VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-1 Image with tutorial: braceletbookVIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-5 VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-6 VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-friendship-bracelet-7Click here for VIDEO and Tutorial