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Addicted to Cheese: 12 Creamy and Indulging Cheese Soup Recipes  

When life gets a little fast or a little heavy, comfort food is where we turn to. Endorsed by our grandmothers, soups have always comforted our upset stomachs or provided extra warmth on cold days. Cheese, on the other hand, is the go-to food we like to use to make any dish taste heavenly and indulging. Whenever you need some warm comfort soup, think of these creamy cheese soups that combine the warmth of a soup with the exceptional flavor of cheese!

1. Broccoli Cheese Soup


Broccoli somehow isn’t a favorite in many people’s eyes. The kids will do everything they can to avoid it and even adults frown upon it sometimes. Little do they know, broccoli can be very delicious when it’s prepared right! Drown the broccoli florets in a cheesy soup, following the recipe at Shugary Sweets!

2. Crockpot Cheese Soup 


Crockpot simplifies the cooking process and is a great tool for those who can’t find the time to cook! Prepare the basic ingredients in the morning, put them in the crockpot and then you can peacefully leave for work knowing that by the time you come home your dinner will be ready! Family Fresh Meals reveals the step-by-step!

3. Cheddar Soup 


What’s your favorite cheese? We’re willing to bet there’s a strong chance you’ve answered with cheddar! It’s a cheese with such a distinct flavor and it’s great to use for grilled cheese, mac and cheese and even soups. Find out how Cincy Shopper made this cheddar soup in a bread bowl!

4. Potato Cheese Soup 


Potatoes and cheese are an unexpected but divine pairing! This may be your first encounter with this unique combination (unless you’re an avid consumer of cheesy fries) but it’s safe to say that it won’t be the last! Check out The Magical Slow Cooker‘s recipe for a delicious potato cheese soup!

5. Cauliflower Cheese Soup 


Have you noticed that cauliflower has been gaining in reputation? For the longest time it seemed to be living in broccoli’s shadow, but recently it has become very popular in many recipes. Give cauliflower a chance to prove itself with Midnight Baker‘s recipe for a creamy cauliflower cheese soup!

6. Mac and Cheese Soup 


Mac and cheese is easily voted as most popular comfort food on the planet and just when you think the standard recipe couldn’t get any better, Spicy Southern Kitchen swoops in and leaves us speechless with a mac and cheese soup! We honestly can’t wait to indulge into this one!

7. 30-Minute Cheese Soup 


Sups aren’t normally the kind of food you’ll go for when you’re in a rush. Usually they need some time to properly cook and for all the flavors to connect, but with a proper recipe you can make soup even when you’re short on time! The Wanderlust Kitchen shares the recipe for a cheese soup that you can make in only 30 minutes!

8. White Cheddar Cheese Soup 


Lemon Tree Dwelling offers a different spin on a cheddar cheese soup and if you love to try new things you need to give it a go! Swap the orange cheddar for the white one and give the soup an unexpected flavor that will be greatly appreciated by anyone who tastes it!

9. Crouton Cheese Soup 


Sometimes the decoration has the power to define the entire dish. We could definitely say so for this simple cheese soup that is decorated with herb croutons and defined by their crunchy texture! If you want to enjoy in the flavors of this soup, find the recipe at Olive!

10. Canadian Cheese Soup 


Food has the power of bringing people together. No matter where you’re from, your nation has a culture that is unique and often reflected in the cuisine. Whether you come from the land of maple syrup and cold temperatures or not, visit Can’t Stay Out Of The Kitchen for their version of a Canadian cheese soup!

11. Cream Cheese Soup 


It’s time to stock up on your favorite brand of cream cheese because you are going to need it for this outstanding recipe we found at Baked in Arizona! It’s a cream cheese soup with a special taste, because it wonderfully captures cream cheese’s light and delicious flavor!

12. Four Cheese Soup 


Can’t decide which cheese to use for the soup? Heather Likes Food may be able to help with this dilemma! If you want your soup to truly have a rich cheesy flavor, make it from a combination of four cheeses, each of them unique but nonetheless necessary to make this dish complete!