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Refreshing and Tasty: 15 Cream Soda Flavoured Recipes

When it comes to pop flavours, we’re not the most traditional in choosing our favourites. Instead, we’re actually more likely to choose cream soda 100% of the time. We even know there are different ways to make cream soda and that it comes in all different colours, depending on where you come from, and we’ve tried and loved them all! We actually love cream soda so much that we’ll try just about any recipe that resembles its taste as well.

Just in case you’re a huge cream soda fan like we are, here are some awesome homemade recipes that let you enjoy that great taste whenever you please!

1. Homemade cream soda simple syrup


Let’s start with the basics; why not learn to make your very own cream soda at home? Our favourite way to do that is with a cream soda flavoured simple syrup like this one from Martha Stewart! We love making this syrup because, besides making actual cream soda, you can use it to make so many different thinks taste like it. We love versatility!

2. French soda


Have you always been intrigued by the idea of trying pop flavours from all around the world, but particularly ones that taste like or resemble your favourite? Then we have a feeling this French soda or cremosa will be right up your alley! This drink can actually be made in any flavour but it always has that underlying vanilla cream taste. Many people think it makes a great wedding alternative for alcohol! Get the full recipe on The Accidental Okie.

3. Guiness cream soda


We know what you’re thinking: there’s no way that beer and cream soda actually taste good mixed together. Well, that’s not actually quite how you make this drink, since mixing beer and pop would taste quite funny, but you’d be surprised how great the two flavours actually taste together! Chow Hound shows you how to do it by adding vanilla and ginger liqueurs.

4. Homemade Italian cream soda


If you’re going to love cream soda this much, would you love to try a version that actually involves cream with your soda? In that case, we’ve definitely found the recipe for you! Italian cream soda is particularly creamy because it’s made with sparkling water, cream, and whipped cream. If you follow this recipe from Fancy Shanty in particular, they’ll even show you how to garnish it with berries!

5. Mixed berry Koolaid cream soda


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves putting creative little twists on your favourite recipes, just to keep things interesting? In that case, we definitely think you should try this mixed berry version of your favourite classic cream soda taste! Random Creativity shows you how to make it happen (as well as how to add some fun colour) by using Koolaid mix.

6. Raspberry heavy cream soda


If you’re going to make your own cream soda, and you’re going to look at recipes that do involve cream, why not check out one that’s really extra creamy? Just A Pinch shows you how to make just that! Besides just showing you how to make it super creamy and with the classic taste, they teach you the steps for adding a delicious raspberry flavour to the mix too.

7. Peach melba coconut cream soda


If you’re going to get into cream soda recipes that involve a lot of cream and some creative fruit mixed tastes, why not go all out and look at one that’s so decadent it’s practically gourmet? The moment we read about this peach melba coconut cream soda from Salt & Wind, we basically had to restrain ourselves from getting up from our computers to make one immediately.

8. Blackberry cream soda


If we’re going to offer you raspberry flavours in a list, it only makes sense that we go all the way and offer you blackberry options as well, right? After all, every list of flavours in just about every kind offers both! Luckily for all of us, The Recipe Source has one of the most deliciously creamy blackberry cream soda recipes you’ll find out there, period.

9. Orange cream soda float


When it comes to other kinds of drinks, one of our favourite flavours to learn how to make has always been orange because it reminds us of creamsicles. Besides cream soda itself, orange creamsicle flavours have always been another favourite! That’s why, when we realized that Just A Pinch found a way to combine the two, we were ecstatic! Check out how they made this delectable beverage from orange ice cream in the place of cream mixed with soda water and vanilla simple syrup.

10. Vanilla pomegranate cream soda


If you’re going to start adding fun flavours to a classic drink, would you rather get a little more creative than just classic fruity things like raspberry and orange that you could probably find in stores? Then we have a feeling this deliciously creamy idea from Beth’s Favourite Recipes might be a little more up your alley! Their tutorial guides you through the process of making a vanilla and pomegranate version that might even rival the classic for your ultimate favourite choice.

11. Kahlua cream soda


Where there’s a delicious virgin drink recipe, there’s usually a completely delicious alcoholic version of the same or a similar thing out there somewhere too! We’ll usually take the non-alcoholic choice but we have plenty of friends who don’t mind a shot in their drink and we like to accommodate our guests! That’s why we keep this recipe for chocolatey tasting Kahlua cream soda around. Get the full ingredients list on Drink Swap!

12. Vanilla and maple syrup cream soda


Is the part of the whole cream soda idea and flavour that you like the most actually the part where it’s very sweet? Well, what if you want to make it even sweeter? That idea might not appeal to everyone, but we can’t blame you for wanting to try it at least! That’s why we couldn’t resist putting this cream soda recipe that includes hints of vanilla and maple on our list! Find out how it’s made step by step on Shaken Together Life.

13. Cream soda poundcake


While it’s awesome to have all these delicious beverage options that taste like your favourite flavour, have you also been scrolling our list hoping to see a snack that tastes like cream soda too? Then we’re happy to report that Food Porn is here to save your day! This deliciously spongey pound cake with a vanilla drizzle tastes so much like cream soda that you might feel surprise for the first few bites.

14. Mango cream soda


We’ve talked about all these awesome fruit flavours that can be added to your cream soda now but what if you were scrolling that whole way hoping to find one that’s a little more tropical? Berries and oranges are all well and good, but they’re kind of common flavours for things, if you think about it. Mangoes, however, sound like a really exciting thing to mix with classic vanilla hinted cream soda! That’s why we were so happy to stumble across this mango cream soda recipe from Tadka Pasta (and to try it immediately).

15. Cream soda lemonade


We love lemons. We’ve always loved lemons. We can regularly be found adding lemon flavouring to entrees, side dishes, baked goods, desserts of all kinds, and just about any kind of drink you can think of. Cream soda is no exception! As much as we love the classic flavour, the thought of adding a tart lemon flavour to our favourite sweet drink practically has us drooling. Find out how it’s done in perfect ratio on Frugal Family Times!