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Wonderful DIY Pretty Flat Ribbon Bracelet

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Have you ever made bracelet using ribbon ? This simple flat bracelet is very pretty and is an ideal project which will not take long to make or be expensive. Follow above simple steps for a great ribbon bracelet.

What you will need:

Ribbon: white, light blue, orange, black;
Bracelet clasps;
Ribbon clamps;
Metal rings;


1. Take 4 strands of ribbon and fold in half for each of them.
2. Fix one end of all the strands with a ribbon clamp, secure with glue and pliers;
3.Start braiding by overlapping the light blue strand on the white strand.
4.Overlap the black strand on the orange strand. This is the first round of braiding.
5.Start the second round of braiding by overlapping the white strand on the black strand.
6.Turn the light blue strand and the orange strand inside, overlapping each other as shown in the picture.
7.Continue weaving until you have the desired length.
8.Trim the extra ribbon and again fix the end of the strands with a ribbon clamp.
9.Install the metal rings and clasps.


VIEW IN GALLERYBraided-Ribbon-Bracelet