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Wonderful DIY Pretty 6 Strand Braid

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This particular braid has 6 strands. You can used this for a number of things…bracelets, hair accessory, belts, bookmarks and more. I love braid my girls hair and also want to braid a bread with this technology , what do you think ?


1. Put all six strands together. Use a small rubber band to hold them together.
2. Your strands should look like this.
3. Start on the far left red strand. Go under the orange.
4. Starting on the right now, take the blue strand, go over the top of the purple.
5. .Again with the blue, go under the green strand.
6. With the blue, go over the top of the red.
7. Tighten all strands and repeat until desired length is achieved.
Tip—–an easy way to remember this:
From the left…Under, Over
From the right…Over, Under, Over

VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-1 VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-2 VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-3 VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-4 VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-5 VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid-6VIEW IN GALLERYSix-Strand-Braid F