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Delightful DIY Paper Flower Wall Art – Free Guide and Templates

Here’s your chance to make your very own 3D paper flower wall art the likes of which you’ll have seen dozens of times in designer home stores carrying a pretty hefty price tag! Mounted using a quality frame and displayed with pride in any room of the home, your friends and family will not believe you were able to come up with such astounding and professional results with a few simple supplies!

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As amazing as the final results are, all you’ll need to get going is a few sheets of colored paper and the most basic of craft supplies. It costs no more than a few pennies to put these amazing decorate pieces together, which not only make great additions to the home but are also excellent gifts for all occasions. And of course, a gift that you make yourself is a gift that’s worth more than all the store-bought items in the world!

DIY Paper Flowers: Tutorial

We love this classic red paper flower wall heart, but feel free to experiment with as many different colors and color combinations as you like! A baby blue heart for example could make the perfect gift for a newborn baby boy, while a yellow or green heart makes the perfect decorative touch for adding a little springtime freshness to the home!

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We’re sure you’ll be inspired by the images here, so feel free to check out the free guide (translated) that takes you through the process one step at a time. You won’t believe how easy it is – chances are you won’t be sharing the secret with your friends either!

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VIEW IN GALLERY3D Flower wall art

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