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Wonderful DIY Leak Proof Water Blob

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Prepare this fun and relaxing activity for you as well as for the children in summer . it’s amazing ! Try to make this DIY Water Blob in about half an hour. It will only cost you about $12 , but you will have fun in those warm summer days. Here is what you will need in order to turn this project into reality:

• Painter’s plastic/plastic sheeting (*4 mil* – any size (here is used 10×25-foot roll, and cut it down to about 10×20)
• an iron;
• a hose;
• (optional) coloring;

The trick here is to not use tape to attach the sheets to each other, but an iron. The heat of the machine creates a seal which prevents leaks much better than any glue might achieve. With this advice in mind, continue to fashion a large mattress out of the sheets, until you reach the desired shape. Then, it’s time for filling it with water. You could add some coloring to this, to make it even more fun for kids. Seal the gap you used to add water and you’re done!

Instructions: https://bit.ly/1fqGC3s