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Healthy and Tasty: 13 Delicious Recipes for Broccoli Enthusiasts

When it comes to eating vegetables and healthy greens, we’re the kind of people who usually have no trouble getting enough nutrition into our day. We absolutely love vegetables! Like anyone else, however, there are certainly some veggies that we appreciate more than others. Some greens are just so delicious that we’re pretty sure we could happily eat them every day! That doesn’t mean, however, that we want to eat our favourite veggies prepared in the exact same way every night. We love finding different flavourful ways to enjoy the greens we love best!

So what’s our favourite vegetable, you ask? Well, it’s a hard race, but there’s definitely one forerunner without a doubt: we love broccoli more than just about anything! Just in case you love it as much as we do, check out these absolutely delicious broccoli recipes that will have your mouth watering practically before you’ve even finished making them!

1. Cheese and bacon broccoli salad


Usually when we hear the word “salad”, we think of something that’s heavy on the vegetables but not necessarily chalk full of much else. Sometimes that’s what we’re craving or what we need, but something we really just want a vegetable side dish that tastes great. That’s where deliciously unique salads like this one from Party Food 2 Go come into play! Check out how they combined raw broccoli with cheese and bacon to make something healthy and scrumptious, rather than just healthy.

2. Roasted garlic broccoli


Perhaps you’re quite alright with the idea of preparing your broccoli in a classic, normal way but you’re still looking for at least a little bit of a flavour twist that you can put on it rather than just a little bit of salt and pepper? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this roasted broccoli recipe from My Recipe Magic! You see, instead of leaving their broccoli plain and relying on just its natural taste, they’ve seasoned it to the perfect amount of equally roasted garlic.

3. Broccoli cashew slaw


Are you feeling very enthusiastic about the idea of making a broccoli salad type side dish but you’re not really into the idea of putting cheese and bacon on it? Perhaps you’d actually like to include something that will give it just a little more crunch instead. In that case,  maybe you’d like making yourself a fresh broccoli slaw. We’re partial to this recipe from Happy Home Fairy because we love raisins and cashews almost as much as we love broccoli, so it’s great to enjoy them all in one place! The fact that this dish is gluten free is a bonus.

4. Broccoli feta baklava


Every once in a while we like to get just a little bit creative with our cooking, even if the final outcome isn’t something too crazy or experimental. This broccoli and feta cheese baklava is the perfect example of what we mean! It’s almost like making yourself the same regular, delicious baklava you’d find anywhere else, but you still get the added extra flavour of your favourite vegetable inside, which is always worth it. Check the recipe out in more detail on Tesco Real Food.

5. Beef and broccoli with mushrooms


Are you a pretty big fan of the regular old method of stir frying your broccoli but you’re always on the lookout for delicious new things to stir fry it with? Sometimes we find that even if the ingredients we’re using in a side dish aren’t particularly exciting or unique within our realm of diet on their own, eating things together that we’ve never tried before can be all the excitement we need. That’s why we immediately made this broccoli and mushroom dish from Catering Expert the moment we found it.

6. Buffalo chicken broccoli bowl


We’re not the greatest at handling very spicy things even though we love the flavour of them, but there are definitely certain hot flavours that we still love eating because they have a lot of flavour and only a little bit of kick. Buffalo dishes are absolutely one of those things, so we’re always on the look for different ways to prepare that flavour with new foods. You can imagine how easily this broccoli Buffalo chicken bowl from Fox and Briar caught our eye then! Pair it with rice and you’ve got a fully rounded meal.

7. Broccoli with pecans


Did we really catch your attention when we were talking about the broccoli and cashew slaw earlier in the list because you’re a huge fan of nuts, but you made something else with cashews rather recently and now you’d prefer to try something else? Then we definitely think you should check out this broccoli pecan salad option from Veggin’ instead! This recipe packs a whole lot of flavour for something so simple.

8. Broccoli almond pesto


Are you still thinking about how good broccoli and nuts would taste together but we haven’t quite found the combination that’s right for you just yet? In that case, here’s another one for your consideration! Instead of just throwing the nuts and vegetables together in a bowl this time, however, you’re going to puree them together with a few other key ingredients, just like Edible Communities did here. The end result is a pesto spread so good we’re practically salivating just thinking about it.

9. Cheese and broccoli casserole with sunflower seeds


Is your absolute favourite way to enjoy broccoli usually smothered in cheese but you’re intent on trying something new, so the standard cheddar sauce that’s usually your go-to option is on hold for just now? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a cheese dish of a different kind! One of our favourite ways to combine cheese and broccoli, for example, is in a casserole. That’s why we always have this recipe from Butterball on hand! Besides broccoli and cheese, it also involves sunflower seeds for a little bit of extra crunch.

10. Homemade spinach, broccoli, and goat cheese pizza


Speaking of broccoli and cheese, have you ever had the good fortune to try broccoli with goat cheese before? If not, then we can assure you you’ve been missing out! Rather than just smothering your next batch of roasted broccoli in crumbled goat cheese (although that is a delicious dish too), however, why not make something a little more unique that your whole family will go wild for? This aromatic broccoli, spinach, and goat cheese pizza from Fit Knit Chick is the perfect thing to try next time you cook dinner.

11. Broccoli and Italian sausage pasta


We’ve already talked once about combining broccoli and sausage together, but that meal was more like a stir fry and didn’t include a card option to round it out. That’s why, on days where we feel like we need something a little heavier, we turn to delicious pasta dishes like this one from LA Times! They guide you through the process of making not just a pasta and not just a broccoli and sausage dish, but rather a mouthwatering combination of the two!

12. Broccoli cabbage stir fry


We talked about the idea of combining your vegetables with other vegetables before but then we presented you with alternatives that had things like meat and nuts, just to shake things up. What if, however, the thought of vegetables served with other vegetables is exactly what you want? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to adore this refreshing and super nutritious broccoli and cabbage stir fry idea from Best Clean Eating Recipes.

13. Gooey broccoli and cheese dip


All right, we admit it; we’ve been talking a lot about healthy dishes and the nutritious nature of broccoli, but possibly our favourite ever broccoli dish is one that definitely counts as a treat rather than a healthy meal! If you ask us, though, that’s more than okay to enjoy every once in a while. Check out how Wonky Wonderful took the idea of “broccoli and cheese” to a whole new level by making a dip so deliciously gooey we could probably eat the entire thing in one sitting (but we promise we won’t… this time).