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DIY Kirigami Rose and Butterfly Card

We believe that there’s really no better gift in the world than a handmade greetings card – so much more thought and value than any gift bought from a store. However, when it comes to delivering that all-important ‘wow’ factor with a homemade card, we’ve never come across anything quite as amazing as this Kirigami Rose and Butterfly Card.

VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly

The lucky recipient will find it impossible to believe that you managed to come with something the amazing with your own two hands. In fact, chances are you’ll be just as blown-away by the results too! Kirigami is the art of paper cutting, which in this case means you’ll need a sharp craft knife, a safe area for cutting and all the card you need to create as many finished cards as you like.

How to make it

Armed with templates and a sharp knife, it’s surprisingly easy to cut out professional-quality designs at home. You can use the templates of your choosing and get creative with patterns – all the decorative touches you fancy are also optional. This particular card is just wonderful for all special events and occasions across the board – anything from birthday cards to weddings to Christenings and more.

It’s a real labor of love you’ll be happy to put your heart and soul into. And just as soon as you see the results you’re capable of, chances are you’ll never look the same way at a store-bought card again!


VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly1 VIEW IN GALLERYKirigami  Greeting Card with Rose and Butterfly2