Awesome Ice Cream Brownie Bowl Sundaes – Delightfully Decadent

The only thing better than your favorite ice cream is the same ice cream served in a delicious edible brownie cup! After all, there’s really no such thing as spoiling yourself too much when it comes to the good stuff, right?

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Here’s what you’ll need to make these moreish marvels:

  • Ice cream
  • Brownie batter (made from your favorite recipe)
  • 2 muffin tins
  • Cooking spray
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Sprinkles

Ice Cream Brownie Bowl Sundaes Recipe

  1. Make up a batch of your favorite brownie batter, or buy a ready-mix
  2. Give the muffin tray’s cups a quick blast with cooking spray to avoid sticking and fill each cup about two-thirds full of batter.
  3. Bake the brownie in the over in accordance with the instructions of your recipe
  4. Take them out of the oven five minutes early, take another muffin stray, spray the BOTTOM with cooking spray and use it to squash the brownies into the shape you see above.
  5. Return them to the oven for the remaining five minutes.
  6. Take out, allow to cool and then use as you like instead of ice cream bowls!

VIEW IN GALLERYBrownie Bowl1 Awesome Ice Cream Brownie Bowl Sundaes   Delightfully Decadent


You can get seriously creative with these little beauties – feel free to use vanilla or strawberry brownie mix for an amazing burst of flavor. Brilliant when used instead of a normal birthday cake or really any other dessert for a special occasion, they’re so easy to pull off and the results are never anything short of spectacular!

And of course, you can always decorate the top with your favorite frosting or cream cheese if you prefer – the options are really limitless!

Happy baking and enjoy!