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Inspirational Book Page Art Designs

It’s always a shame when a book loses pages or becomes damaged in some other way. Sometimes the ink faces or too much wear and tear causes pages to rip through the lettering. We can never bring ourselves to just throw a book out, though, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways to upcycling old books that we come across that can’t be read in full anymore!

Check out this list of 15 creative and beautiful ways to transform old book pages into art and decor that’ll grab anyone’s attention, but especially that of your fellow bookworms!

1. DIY ink printed book page art

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY ink printed book page art

Christina Elyse walks you through the steps for creating an ink printed image on a book page background. Choose a simply outlined picture and follow the instructions for printing, placement, and transfer. We love the idea of choosing something that’s relevant to the words on the page and framing it.

2. Chalk and ink book page drawing

VIEW IN GALLERYChalk and ink book page drawing

Do you love the aesthetic of the decor piece above but you’re more of a hand drawn DIY enthusiast than a print and transfer person? That’s a great idea too and Grey Luster Girl has some suggestions for making it look extra fabulous! Try creating your drawing in a finely pointed black ink pen and then outlining it in which chalk so the design really stands out from the page.

3. Sharpie quote scratching art

VIEW IN GALLERYSharpie quote scratching art

Do you have a favourite book quote that inspires you or that you relate to very well? Turn it into pretty wall decor so that you’re reminded of those words every day! We love this chic but messy technique from Decoist that involves light scratching strokes across all of the words on the page except the ones you love.

4. Colour printed book pages

VIEW IN GALLERYColour printed book pages

Do you love the idea of printing an inked image onto a book page but you’d prefer a little pop of colour in your art? The Wonder Forest is here to teach you how to do that! We love the way the coloured ink makes the images stand out in stark contrast to the words on the page.

5. Book page rosettes

VIEW IN GALLERYBook page rosettes

If you’re feeling very creative and you love actually hand crafting things, then we think these spiralled rosettes are the perfect craft for you! Whether you stick them all over a canvas to make well decor or bunch them into a bouquet to place in a case, they’re going to look absolutely gorgeous with the words showing throughout the blossoms. Find out how they’re done on The Empty Oxo Box.

6. Butterfly book sculpture

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Butterfly book sculpture

This adorable little paper sculpture takes a little more time and care than some of the other things you’ll find on this list, but we think it’s worth the effort! The bulk of the butterfly is created by folding the book pages like paper origami. See the whole process on Interior Revolution.

7. Silhouette page folding sculpture

VIEW IN GALLERYSilhouette page folding sculpture

Do you love the idea of folding book pages to create a paper sculpture but you’d like something a little more grand in appearance than the lovely, dainty butterfly? We’re in love with this 3D portrait silhouette that’s entirely folded from book pages while they’re still between the covers! Check it out on StephaniePounds.

8. Book “houses”


Design Boom guides you through the process of actually cutting and moulding a sculpture of a little cottage or townhome out of an old book using the pages and the covers. Hollowing out certain parts to make windows makes them shockingly detailed. We love this idea of lining several book houses up on a shelf like a little town.

9. Book page bird house

VIEW IN GALLERYBook page bird house

Fairy houses aren’t the only houses you can make out of books! Design Dazzle suggests creating a birdhouse covered in book pages! You might simply decoupage an existing wooden birdhouse and actually use it or make a decorative one like this and embellish it

10. Book page decoupage

VIEW IN GALLERYBook page decoupage

Any time you’re considering doing a DIY project that involves paper, you’ve got yourself a good decoupage opportunity! There are hundreds of different things you can decoupage, but we quite enjoy this decorative planter suggestion from Kristie Shelton! The words from each book page will catch the eye of any passers by who stop to admire your garden display.

11. Shredded book page door wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYShredded book page door wreath

Do you have strips left over from when you shredded old book pages to make the little Easter nests that we talked about earlier on this list, but you’ve already made all the nests you need? Hang onto those shreds for other crafts! We’re pretty big fans of this shredded door wreath idea from Les Tissus Colbert. It just screams chic rustic winter decor.

12. Floral book page collage art

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral book page art

We love a good collage made out of pretty much any kind of paper, but the idea of creating an image out of literary words that would otherwise go to waste is especially appealing to us. This cute cut out floral pattern tickles our fancy, but you could create any image you like! Check out how Paste made this one!

13. Sheet music origami sale boat

VIEW IN GALLERYSheet music origami sail boat

Do you love doing origami and want to put those skills to use to make some gorgeous book paper art? Technically this adorably intricate sail boat is actually made from sheet music, but the same folding techniques would apply if you used book pages. Confessions of a Plate Addict walks you through it.