Wonderful DIY Cute Yarn Doll

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This is an interesting DIY task because here you create a memorable yarn doll for your kid. It’ll carry beautiful memories of your time and effort. Not only that, but it’ll give him or her something to play with and be proud of.It’s easy rather easy to give your child an inexpensive low coast doll instead of a pricey one. Here is how you can make a yarn doll in just 5 minutes.

Things You’ll Need



Draw your doll on a cardboard, this will be the actual size of the doll you want to have. Next you take a soft yarn of your choice and loop it around the cardboard lengthwise. In order to secure it, tie a knot at the top. Continue wrapping the yarn around the board. Remember, the more times you wrap it, the thicker your doll will be. For a good doll, you’ll need at least 100 loops. Once you reach your last loop, to secure it, tie it to a previous loop. Slide a piece of string between the loops and the cardboard. Gather all of the strings together in the center of the board and slide it up to the top and tie a tight knot. Now just tie a piece of string in a tight knot around where you’d like the neck of the doll to be. Split the body of the doll into three different parts; the two on the outside should be smaller than the one in the middle, and they should be about equal in thickness to each other. These will become the doll’s arms. Tie a string tightly where you’d like her waist to be in the middle section of string. Tie the arms at the “wrists” and trim the looped yarn ends. To give your doll its final look, just clip the end loops off of the body of your doll, this will make a skirt of your doll. If you want, you can make legs instead of a skirt by sectioning off the middle into 2 parts from the waist down and tying them off like you did the arms. Voila you have your yarn doll ready.