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Wonderful DIY Creative Tricycle Diaper Cake

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I found this creative baby gift idea on Pinteresting– Tricycle Diaper Cake ! It’s another fun Baby Shower Gift you can make all by yourself. It is not too hard to make and doesn’t take too many items to complete it. I hope you like it and give it a try for your next baby Shower party! You can use the items as I suggest below or customize it and make it your own creation! It can also be made for a Boy or a Girl. Good luck!

What you will need:

    • a pack of size 1 diapers
    • 2 blue receiving blankets
    • a pair of blue baby socks
    • 2 blue bibs
    • a bottle
    • ribbon
    • rubber band
    • More details @ https://bit.ly/1n11brx

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