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Wonderful DIY Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

VIEW IN GALLERYCardboard Christmas FireplaceChristmas without a fireplace just doesn’t feel complete . You can make your own out of some cardboard . When I was a child, I heard the story in which Santa Claus comes down the chimney and enters through the fireplace on Christmas Eve. If your home does not have a fireplace, children may be concerned that Santa might not have a way to get in. Make a fake fireplace out of cardboard that is almost as good as the real thing. And this is not difficult. All you need do is seal shut some carboard boxes with packing tape and paint them, here we found the instructions  for your reference .

Somewhatsimple — Make-cardboard-Christmas-fireplace

parkeretc.squarespace — DIY cardboard-fireplace

image source:Pinterest

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