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Crochet African Flower Blankets – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

There’s simply no denying how the blanket you see below is an absolutely outstanding work of art. The highest quality materials, incredible colors and a thousand and one purposes, it’s little wonder blankets and throws like these fetch rather heavy prices when sold in designer stores and boutiques.


That’s why we simply had to share with you this amazing instructional video and pattern, which when used together will guide you through the process in a wonderfully easy step-by-step manner. These pretty little African flowers are so easy to make with just a few basic crochet stiches.

Even if you’re not yet up to speed with the ins and outs of professional crochet, you’ll have no trouble throwing a whole bunch of these together. And as you do, it’s simply a case of joining them to create the shape and pattern of your choosing – the final result will quite literally blow you away!

Beautiful Blankets, Gorgeous Gifts

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You’ll of course want to lavish yourself with a good few of these amazing blankets for your home, but at the same time they’re about as wonderful as any gift could ever be! From baby blankets to furniture coverings to simple table runners and so on, it’s no secret that handmade gifts are irresistible on a level that’s totally unique!

All you’ll need to get started on your own beautiful blankets is a few balls of yarn, basic crochet tools and the help of the video and pattern you’ll find right here. And as they’re free, why not team up with a friend or family member and learn a new talent together?

Believe us when we say this is one craft project you’ll be coming back to again and again – just as we do!

YouTube video

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