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Wonderful DIY Apple Pie Fries

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 French fries are yummy, but what if you could stuff an apple pie into a fry? DELICIOUS!! This Pie is in ‘French Fry’ form…another all American favorite snack delight! These “Fries” are not only super delicious, but how cute are they with their easy-to-eat, adorable presentation, and sweet sugary “salt”?!
Sweet Apple Pie Filling is the glue that lovingly holds the two flaky layers of Pie Crust together, all baked into tons of perfectly puffed, “Fries” of happiness!
Perfectly sweet, perfectly dippable – these Apple Pie Fries from OH, Bite It will be the perfect play for your Game Day party!

– 1 package of refrigerated pie crust;
– 1 and a half cup apple filling;
– 1 egg;
– sugar.
– for the dip you can use caramel sauce or ice cream.

1. Peel the apples, cut them into small pieces and put them into a blender to make a paste out of them. You will need one and a half cup of filling, so depending on the size of the apples you have, you will use between 5 and 10.
2. Unroll the refrigerated crust, you will need one at the bottom and one on the top of the filling.
3. Spread the filling on the crust and put the upper part over. Take the egg, brush it over the crust and add some sugar over it. Start cutting the fries with a decorative edge-roll cutter or a knife (if you don’t have a roll cutter). Make sure that the shapes are really fries shapes.
4. Take a baking tray, put some parchment paper in it and put the slices on it to be baked at 350 degrees F for about 12 minutes. They are finished when you can see they look golden.
5. Add the dip next to them and enjoy your apple pie fries!