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Terrifyingly Terrific DIY Knitted Monster Pants [Free Pattern and Tutorial]

What better gift for that little monster in your life than these amazing knitted monster pants? Perfect for boys and girls alike, these monster pants are in a whole different league to anything you’ll find on a standard store’s shelf. Cute, colorful and as durable as a kid’s daily antics need them to be, they’ll be just as proud to wear them as you were to make them! And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also so much easier to make than their amazing looks would suggest!

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Really – everyone will think you’re a pro, even if it was your first time with a knitting needle!

Gorgeous Gifts For Life

Most kids will get through dozens of pairs of pants in their early years, but these awesome Monster Pants are the kinds of keepsakes they’ll want to hang onto for life. A homemade pair of pants means so much more than anything money can be – it just happens to be a bonus that they’ll cost you next to nothing to put together!

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For one thing, you’ll find a whole bunch of patterns and tutorials on this page to help show you the ropes and get you started – all 100% free of charge! So really, all you’ll need is a good supply of your favorite yarn, a set of knitting needles and the time needed to knit up a storm!

Check out the samples and examples on this page to give you an idea of what’s possible – then leave it to your own imagination to come up with a unique little monster all of your own!

Take our word for it, the little monster in your life will be absolutely thrilled!

Free patterns available from Ravelry

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