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Wonderful DIY Amazing Teapot Fountain

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Beautiful fountains look like they cost thousands. It turns out that while some do, quite a few do not. You don’t have to be a professional plumber to plumb a fountain yourself (although with certain designs, you will need some adv. advanced skills). In fact, some fountains do not need to be hooked up to a water source; you simply fill them with water and they recycle that water.
I love this teapot fountain. The teapot, gold pan and whiskey barrel just seem to go together in this back yard centerpiece . With a fountain pump and a few supplies , you can build a whimsical fountain yourself that will make you smile. What a wonderful idea !

What you may need:
gold pan
whiskey barrel
fountain pumps (you can buy fountain pumps at Lowes & Home Depot )


1. Drill a hole in the tea pot and then thread it. Attache flanges to a solid concrete block to support both the tea pot and the gold pan.
2. Built a support for the gold pan and drop the unit into the whiskey barrel. Add a fountain pump and inserted tubing up through the tee on the bottom.
3. Add water and your done! The unit is free standing so it can be leveled and no holes are drilled in the whiskey barrel.
You can pour a concrete base that the whiskey barrel sits on so it doesn’t sink into the dirt.

More details @ https://bit.ly/1p2cWRp