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Beautify Your Home with One of These Affordable DIY Garden Globes

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful garden. These pretty DIY garden globes suit every design aesthetic and are surprisingly affordable to make.

Dogwood Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYdogwood globe

Prunings from ornamental shrubs such as dogwoods can be transformed into unique garden ornaments with a simple technique. Better Homes & Gardens has the tutorial.

Wine Barrel Hoop Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYwine barrel hoop globe

Use metal wine barrel hoops to make an industrial chic garden globe.  The Peaceful Axolotl has the details.

Faux Gazing Ball

VIEW IN GALLERYfaux gazing ball

This DIY project uses flat backed glass marbles to create an inexpensive faux gazing ball for your garden. Jennifer Priest explains on her blog.

Penny Ball

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade penny ball

There’s not much you can buy for a penny, but put a bunch of them together and you can make this gorgeous garden globe.  House of Hawthornes has the tutorial.

Spray Painted Wire Globes

VIEW IN GALLERYwire globes

The Wood Grain Cottage has a tutorial for spray painted wire globes that add a minimalist feel to your garden. If you’d prefer a little more sparkle, try adding beads to the wire before assembly.

Concrete Globes

VIEW IN GALLERYconcrete-globes

If durability is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with concrete garden globes. Learn how to make these sturdy ornaments at The Garden Glove.

Nail Polish Garden Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYbowling ball

Are you obsessed with buying fingernail polish? If you have a drawer full of colors that don’t quite work for your mani-pedi, this project will put them to good use. Paint an old bowling ball with leftover fingernail polish, then add a clear protective coat for a gorgeous garden decoration. Visit GardenWeb to learn more.

Grommet Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYgrommet ball

This unique garden globe is decorated with the grommets from upholstery fabric samples. The grout used in the project was painted with blue acrylic paint for color and weatherproofing. Learn more at WedeWorks.

Metallic Plastic Gazing Ball

VIEW IN GALLERYMetallic Plastic Gazing Ball

Metallic acrylic craft paint inside a plastic keepsake ball creates a pretty garden decoration that your kids can help you make. Visit Pink and Green Mama to learn more.