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Spectacular DIY Fish Tank Coffee Table – Free Guide and Tutorial

There’s nothing quite like a stunning aquarium to add that essential mood of peace and tranquility to the home. But when it comes to taking thing two steps further and really delivering a ‘wow’ like no other, you just have to see this outstanding fish tank coffee table!

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Quite simply one of the most breath-taking design accents you’re ever likely to see in any home, it’s hard to believe you’re actually looking at a simple DIY project! Seriously – even with little to no practical experience and just a few basic tools, you’ll have no trouble knocking together a beautiful piece of furniture you’d normally pay thousands of dollars for.

The way this thing can and will transform your home really has to be seen to be believed!

Fish Tank Coffee Table: A Living Work of Art

Your guests will be astonished that you were able to build such a work of art yourself – for sure they’ll have no idea that it was actually a pretty easy job!

VIEW IN GALLERYGlowing fish tank coffee table

VIEW IN GALLERYWood fish tank coffee table

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY coffee table fish tank(Image courtesy of user shinglyelm)

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll need

  • 20 Gallon Long Tank
  • 24″ Fluorescent Fixture (2)
  • Black Foam Board
  • Power Strip
  • Light Timer
  • 1″ Chair End Caps (4 pack) (2)
  • 36″ x 14″ Wire Shelving Unit
  • Glass Table Top
  • 100W Heater
  • 20G Internal Filter
  • Glass Vase Marbles / Beads – 12 oz (10)
  • 2 Prong, 3 Way Power Splitter

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY fish tank coffee table - structure

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY fish tank coffee table - living room

You’ll find the link below to the full guide (on Instructables) taking you though the process step by step – it’s a great home improvement project that’s more than worth trying your hand at!