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Toilet Paper Hacks: Organizing Home Stuff in Style

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We absolutely adore DIY ideas that let us use the discarded materials around our home as they do their little part in the bigger ‘reuse and recycle’ movement. Such simple, deft hacks also ensure that we are not scurrying to the nearest store and hunting for supplies. Today’s amazingly easy, yet incredibly useful set of ideas come from HGTV Handmade and they teach you how to put those toilet paper rolls to good use.

These fun ideas are so easy to execute that you can even involve your kids and maybe they will pick up some organizational skills as well! We start off with a simple jewelry and bead organizer that involves small strips of craft paper, some glue, cotton ball and a ribbon or two. These ultra-cute organizers are also great for those looking for a fun way to carry their jewelry along with them while on the move.

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Then there is the use of toilet paper roll to neatly tuck away all your unused extension cords and wires that are creating a mess on your work table. This one actually needs nothing beyond the toilet paper roll itself, but you can use craft paper to give it a more glamorous look. Finally there is the awesome work desk organizer crafted from tissue box, craft paper and toilet paper rolls.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Organizational Hacks [Video]

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So stop throwing away the toilet paper rolls and start putting them to better use!