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Fiction Meets Fashion: Stylish Steampunk Inspired Projects

I don’t necessarily wear classic “steampunk” attire every day, or even that often, but it’s always been a style and aesthetic that I admire and love to see. I’m an especially big fan of steampunk fashion ideas because the people who really wear it and are dedicated to the style often make the pieces themselves. I was curious to learn more about it, so I went on a little Internet search for neat project ideas!

Check out these 15 super creative and totally stylish DIY steampunk crafts and accessories that will have you ready to overhaul your closet and change your style in no time.

1. Distressed washer earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY distressed washer earrings

If you’ve never made yourself anything steampunk before then you’re probably looking for a simple way to start out. Things like small accessories are also a great way to start introducing a wild new aesthetic into your personal style subtly, rather than just showing up to your next social gathering in full regalia and having everyone wonder what you’re so dressed up for! I love these simple distressed earrings made from slightly worn screw washers, as featured on Fave Crafts.

2. Funky steampunk wall clock

VIEW IN GALLERYFunky steampunk wall clock

Maybe you’re interested in steampunk things but you’re not ready to actually wear them or you’re not sure they’ll fit your personal style aesthetic? Consider including steampunk pieces into your home decor scheme instead! I’m a big fan of how this unique little clock looks in a modern home, with its quirky blend of vintage and industrial elements. See it in more detail on Instructables.

3. Dollar supply steampunk goggles

VIEW IN GALLERYDollar supply steampunk goggles

Do you love the look of steampunk accessories that use actual metal and industrial elements, but you’re working on a bit of a budget? You can still make impressive pieces using more affordable materials! For example, Darren Was Here made these awesome steampunk goggles out of things they found at the dollar store, and I’d say they look pretty darn good!

4. DIY steampunk top hat

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY steampunk top hat

Lost Wax guides you through the process of making a top hat that’s a little bit glam and a little bit shabby chic at the same time, which is quite characteristic of many people’s understanding of “steampunk” aesthetic. I adore the way it looks as though it’s been patched together. It makes me think immediately of a character backstory immediately!

5. Polymer clay kawaii steampunk charms

VIEW IN GALLERYPolymer clay kawaii steampunk charms

Perhaps your overall aesthetic isn’t heavily steampunk influenced but you really enjoy incorporating small, subtle details that borrow from the style? In this case, you probably don’t want to invest too much money in very expensive pieces. Besides, making your own little details is a lot more fun! AkameruKawaii shows you how to make your own little steampunk inspired charms, trinkets, and accessories out of clay.

6. Burned glue steampunk barrette

VIEW IN GALLERYBurned glue steampunk barrette

I love crafting with glue so much that I actually recently wrote another post just on DIY project ideas that are made almost entirely from glue. Too bad I didn’t see this idea in time to include it on that list too! Weekend Farmgirl shows you how to create a burned glue technique that, when painted, looks as though it’s made of wrought metal that’s worn with age, just like an authentic steampunk piece might be.

7. Retro industrial inspired headphones

VIEW IN GALLERYRetro insdustrial inspired headphones

Rebel’s Market shows you the steps for making your very own pair of industrial style headphones that definitely fit in with a steampunk aesthetic. As long as your headphones are quite plain and metallic looking, customizing them is actually quite simple. I’m crazy about the way that the vintage industrial style of the final product contrasts with the fact that the piece you’re altering is, in fact, a modern technology.

8. Industrial steampunk boots

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial steampunk boots

Do you love altering all types of things, but your very favourite thing to work on are garments, like clothing and shoes? Then I’m prety sure you’ll absolutely love this steampunk boot design by Batman n’ Bananas. Despite how intricate they look, the actual customizaton process is quite simple. The secret is in attention to detail and finding a good balance between industrial looking embellishments and a vintage style of shoe.

9. Button steampunk combs


Perhaps you do love the industrial element of steampunk accessories but, in your personal version of the aesthetic, you prefer to be a little more heavy handed with the vintage element of things? In that case, you might be more interested in something like these adorable vintage button hair combs! Mademoiselle Chaos shows you how to make your own from buttons collected just about anywhere!

10. Simple cog earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY simple cog earrings

Were you a big fan of the washer earrings idea, but you think maybe you’d like something a little more intricate looking? Then raid your broken electronics and your local hardware store for little cogs of all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses! This tutorial from Instructables shows you how to link them together and make a gorgeous pair of dangling earrings.

11. Steampunk water gun

VIEW IN GALLERYSteampunk water gun

Whenever I see steampunk styled false weapons, I think of the kids’ movie Treasure Planet. The world in which the movie takes place is a combination of advanced, futuristic technology and historical style and living. This golden weapon would have fit right in! Check out how it was done on We Follow.

12. DIY lace steampunk top hat with goggles

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY lace steampunk tophat with goggles

Did you love the idea of a steampunk top hat, but you’re looking for a style that’s a little more feminine? Well, if you ask me, adding lace to just about anything takes care of that! DIY Inspired walks you through the steps for customizing a basic top hat into something a little more steampunk and pretty, complete with a spot on set of cog goggles!