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10 Ways to Put Those Stacks of Rubber Bands to Good Use

If you are stuck with a stack of unused rubber bands at home, my first question would probably be, “how did that happen?” For some of us, we never seem to be able to find rubber bands when we need them the most! And after checking out these handy life hacks using rubber bands from Howdini, we are certain that many of you will be reaching out for some as well.

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Some of them like rolling the magazine and putting a rubber band around it might seem all too simple, but others like using rubber bands to fix stripped screw really can be an absolute life saver at times. From preventing spoons slipping into the batter bowl to stopping the chopping board from moving around, there are those that will help you out in the kitchen as well.

We also think the idea of using a rubber band on door handles to prevent locking yourself out is a great trick too. Just make sure that it is removed after the job is done as you do not really want to leave the door open all day long and give an open invitation to anyone around! Check them all out below –

10 Useful Rubber Band Hacks [Video]

YouTube video

Any other smart ideas involving rubber bands, you would like to share with us?