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Wonderful DIY Handmade felt Slippers

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These slippers  are super easy to make, you can choose your favorite color to match your sleepwear .

What you will need:

– two squares of Natural Wool Felt with dimensions: 12-inch for Length and 5mm for Height;
– two Large Green Felt Buttons;
– chalk for tailors;
– 100% cotton thread in colors 1140 (ecru) and 7880 (kelly green)
– a Felt Slipper Template


1. Use the chalk to trace the template onto one of the felt pieces, then cut out the shape.
2. Do it again for the second slipper.
3. Place the models and observe that the foot shape of the left slipper will curve slightly to the right and the right slipper will curve slightly to the left.
4. For the left slipper lay the left flap over right flap with a 3-inch overlap. Try on the slipper and tighten or loosen the flaps as necessary.
5. Sew the flaps to one another with a few tacking stitches then secure the flaps together taking a small stitch from the interior of the top flap at the center of the overlap. Stitch around the line of the overlap with these type of invisible stitches securing the flaps together.
6. Place one button in the center of the flaps and sew it on through both flap layers using the kelly green thread.
7. Create the right slipper making this process again, but place the right flap over the left in the initial step. VIEW IN GALLERYcreative felt slippers F

Photo credit: FieltroGabrielaLopez