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Holiday Crafting: 11 DIY Projects You Can Do With a Pringles Container

Pringles; we all love them! They are so addictive we can never get enough of them, can we? Don’t go listening to people who say they’re not healthy for you – you really don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, especially in this time of year! Chips are basically potatoes, are they not? After you’ve treated yourself to this delicious snack and you’re left with an empty container, don’t throw it away; here are some pretty awesome DIY Pringles container projects!

1. Pringles Cookie Can

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles cookie can

From chips to cookies! This is a really lucrative way to repurpose a Pringles container! Not to mention that in this holiday season, when we all need last-minute gifts for relatives dropping in unannounced, it makes a really handy Christmas gift! Everyone is always happy to get cookies! Visit Fun Squared to see how you can make this cookie can!

 2. Pringles Pasta Containers

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles pasta containers

Pasta lovers, unite! If you are on team carbs this project is perfect for you! Once you finish your cans of Pringles you can easily reuse them for storing your precious spaghetti! Storing pasta has never been easier! Wondering how? The R House shares the secrets!

 3. Pringles Reindeer

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles reindeer

Holiday season calls for crafting! This funny project will show you how to make a reindeer from a Pringles container, but there’s a twist! This reindeer poops candy! What?! We know, it’s hilarious! The kids who love some giggles will be all over this one! Visit A Piece of Rainbow for a funnier Christmas!

 4. Baby Lips Pencil Case

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles pencil case

The Baby Lips obsession might be getting out of hand, but we can’t say we’re not enjoying the ride! If you want a make-up case that is basically a supersized version of your favorite lip balm, you better check out this tutorial by Kimspired DIY and show some true dedication to your number one brand!

 5. Pringles Kaleidoscopes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Pringles Kaleidoscopes

Need a quick craft to keep your tiny humans busy? This is it! Kaleidoscopes are incredibly entertaining and the kids just can’t stop admiring them; not to mention that being involved in a making-of process will make them feel extra special! Best part of the process? Emptying the Pringles can, of course! Get the how-to at Fabulessly Frugal!

 6. Pringles Wrapping Station

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles wrapping station

If you have always been dreaming about making your very own, personal wrapping station in your home, December is as good a time as any to get it done! This project by Vorstellung Von Schön is a brilliant way to put a wrapping station together and make sure all of your wrapping supplies are at one place!

7. Pringles Candle Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles candle holder

What a peaceful vibe do these beautiful candle holders have. Perfect for relaxing when you need some down time after eating all those chips at once! The holidays can be stressful, but with some warm candles everything is easier! WikiHow has a great tutorial, so make sure you don’t miss it!

 8. Pringles Twine Storage

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles twine storage

If you’re semi-obsessed with crafting (as we all must be) you are probably constantly running into the problem of storing your craft materials. We’re so relieved to have found this handy-dandy solution at The Scrap Shoppe! Eating chips is now officially a part of our organizing strategy!

9. Pringles Speaker

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles speaker

Forget the complicated technology – a Pringles container is all the technology you need for this nifty speaker! It goes without saying that it’s incomparably cheaper than the one they’re selling at the tech shop! Popsicle Blog will show you how to make this genius invention!

 10. Pringles Pencil Holders

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles pencil holders

We’re always needing some place to store our overload of office supplies! Pencils, scissors, rulers, markers … you never have to be disorganized again, simply by using your favorite chips container as a pencil holder! How is this possible you ask? We’ll let Pearls & Scissors explain in detail!

 11. Pringles Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles vase

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – there’s no roundup without a vase! We highly doubt anyone will guess this one is made out of a Pringles container, so there’s your wow factor! We are totally amazed by this project and if you want to create an expensive-looking vase by not spending a fortune, Fab You Bliss has got you covered!

Unlimited chips, unlimited ideas!