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Budget Makeovers: 10 DIY Ways to Upgrade an Old Chair

 We can hardly imagine a life without chairs and while they may not be on your list of priorities when thinking about home decor, they are definitely very valuable not just in their use but also in their appearance. If you have an old chair that you want to get rid of and replace it with a new one, we ask you to reconsider. Here’s a roundup of 10 DIY ways to upgrade and old chair from a piece that is old and boring into one that is chic and modern!

1. Modern Desk Chair 


As years go by, our decor preferences tend to change. If you used to enjoy plain wooden chairs but now wish for something modern and exciting, Blue I Style is here to serve you! You’ll soon be sitting on a chair that is defined by its golden decorations and patterned monochrome sitting cushion!

2. No-Sew Dining Chairs


Dining chairs require comfort, because nobody likes to have a sore back when they’re eating their meals. Bless’er House will show you how to easily upgrade old dining chairs into a new, elegant set of chairs that could easily be featured in the most famous home decor magazines.

3. Vintage Throne Chair 


Usually an upgrade means you’ll be giving an old chair a more modern look, but you can also turn a shabby chair into a vintage masterpiece! If you closely follow the instructions at Girl in the Garage, nobody will guess that this chair was only just made – it genuinely looks like it’s been in the family for ages!

4. Re-Upholstred Thrift Store Chair 


Don’t like the look of your thrifted chair anymore? Change it! The easiest way is to re-upholster it, as shown at Brit + Co, and change its color. This time around be sure to pick a bold and charismatic color, such as turquoise green, to make the chair stand out.

5. Fluffy Pink Office Chair 


Modern chairs with popular designs can be very expensive and we totally understand that sometimes it’s easier to just buy a plain gray chair for a lower price and deal with it. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess you can now turn that boring gray chair into a vibrant fluffy pink office chair that looks like it cost a fortune!

6. Floral Recliner Chair 


Maybe the thorn in your side isn’t an old dining chair, but rather a big reclining chair that you think is beyond repair. Think again! A Piece of Rainbow has some very creative ways of upgrading an old recliner chair and giving it a colorful, floral look that will last for years to come!

7. Chic Monochrome Chair 


Giving your old chair a makeover doesn’t mean you have to turn it into a lavish piece that is drowning in the mix of colors and patterns – not at all! You can still keep things simplistic and elegant, just like Homemade by Carmona did with this chic monochrome chair!

8. Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair 


Office chairs can be very affordable, but they normally don’t have a very interesting look, do they? Thanks to Little Green Notebook, this can be easily changed! You can decoupage your plain office chair with some fun fabric and finish off with spray paint, waking up the next day to a completely different chair waiting in your office!

9. Pepita Pattern Chair 


With a black and white color palette and a dynamic appearance, the pepita pattern is a favorite of many. You can use it in the makeover of your office chair, following the instructions at Love Grows Wild, and see how it affects your working environment with its sophisticated style.

10. Mod Podge Upholstered Chair 


We can imagine how boring plain wooden chairs must be for a colorful person like yourself! If you’re devoted to colors and love modern patterns with an oriental look, buy yourself some mod podge, colorful fabric and check in with All Things Thrifty for the details!