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Embracing the Simplicity of DIY Minimalist Rings

Jewelry is often lavish and noticeable, adding to one’s style and capturing the attention, completing someone’s outfit in a way that only a vibrant accessory piece can. Since minimalism has been embraced by many, the accessories followed the lead and nowadays it’s not considered odd to complement your style with minimalist jewelry pieces that are as beautiful as they are subtle. Take a look at this incredible selection of DIY minimalist rings that you can add to your collection today!

1. Tube Rings 


Even though we’re going for minimalism here, you’ll definitely feel called to make more than one tube ring. Fall for DIY has such a simple tutorial and it’s obvious that you can make them in different colors but still keep them super subtle. Wear them as your daily pieces and vary the colors while remaining minimalistic in your choice of jewelry!

2. Braided Rings


Just because a ring has a simplistic design it doesn’t mean it can’t be unique and dynamic at the same time. It absolutely can! Helena Daydreamer shows us a beautiful way to spice up minimalist rings by creating them in a braided fashion, one that’s going to appear interesting and subtle at the same time.

3. Circle Rings 


Geometric shapes are currently at the center of modern design. Make use of their popularity by taking them as inspiration for your DIY rings! There are several dynamic shapes you can pursue, but if you’re going for a classic, minimalist look, Wobisobi‘s circle rings will be a splendid choice.

4. Rose Quartz Ring 


Who could resist the charm of a beautiful crystal? The rose quartz is the ideal choice for creating a minimalist ring because of its gentle rosy color and the romantic energy that comes along with it. Find out how you can make this gorgeous jewelry piece at The Effortless Chic.

5. Pearl Rings 


Pearls seem to have it all; the class, the elegance, the simplicity. They represent luxury in a way that doesn’t seem over the top and could still easily pass as minimalist – so long as you opt for pearls of a smaller size. We love this example by Honestly WTF!

6. Wire Heart Rings 


When you fall in love with minimalist jewelry, wire is usually your first call. It’s the simplest to create with and it has a more simplistic look than you could possibly wish for. Take a hint from Yes Missy and give your wire ring some character by shaping it into charming little hearts!

7. Wire Infinity Ring


Blushly Beauty shares another great wire ring idea, in the shape of an infinity sign. If you’re in love and want to surprise your soulmate with a ring that represents the rest of your life together, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive rings form the jewelry store. A handmade wire infinity ring can be the most personal gift!

8. Wood Rings 


It doesn’t get more simplistic than wood! It’s everyone’s favorite natural material that has a familiar look, one that feels organic and secure. Even though you’ve seen it a million times, in a way it feels like home. If you love the idea of having a simple wooden ring on your finger, Drunken Woodworker will teach you how to make it.

9. Faux Hammered Gold Rings


Gold rings are always held in people’s good graces but they might be a little hard to come by if your wallet isn’t as thick as you’d want it to be! Don’t let that stop you though; Fall for DIY shares a super cool tutorial for faux gold rings with a hammered look!

10. Coin Rings 


Did you know that a simple coin can be turned into a wonderful minimalist ring? We had no idea, until DIY Projects enlightened us! The process is simpler than you might think and the end result is a beautiful ring that could easily stand the test of time as a wedding ring or a family heirloom!

11. Plastic Rings 


When creating minimalist rings, it’s wise to stick to really simple materials that are easy to work with. Plastic doesn’t get enough credit in this department! Check in with Mini Cute Club to see how your accessory collection can soon be richer for simplistic plastic rings with a chic style!

12. Copper Rings 


The world has finally awaken to the magic that is copper and we’re definitely enjoying the ride! Gomeow Creations made minimalist copper rings that need no other decoration than their distinct bronze color that is  as captivating as any gem!