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Party Balloons and Flour Turned into Awesome Ninja Squishy Balls!

How would you like to turn those party balloons into some cool ninja squishy balls? Sounds unbelievable? That is pretty much what we thought as well, but then we stumbled upon this little DIY from The King of Random that turned us into believers as well! You can also craft some super-cool, superhero squishy balls and in absolutely no time.

VIEW IN GALLERYfill baloons with flour

Materials You Need:

  • Pack of Party Balloons
  • Baking Flour
  • Couple of bottles, Pair of scissors

That is all you will need and do not worry too much if you do not have a whole pack of balloons either. You will need no more than 4 balloons for one ninja squishy ball and while you can add more balloons for strength, it is definitely optional. You start off by blowing up the balloon and filling it up with flour.

VIEW IN GALLERYNinja balls made from balloons and flour

VIEW IN GALLERYNinja Squishy Balls DIY

From here it becomes really simple as you just need to add a couple of more balloons on top and then cut out your ‘ninja mask’ for the squishy ball with a balloon in different color. Making one of these takes just a few minutes and you can bet that your favorite nephew will absolutely love them.

The squishy balls are a lot stronger than they seem and you can really play around with different colors and masks to create these balloon squishy balls for occasions varying from birthdays to theme parties and festivals. Time to get creative!

How to Make Ninja Squishy Balls [Video]

(Video and pictures via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)

YouTube video