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These Chic Stained Glass Flower Rings are Uber-Easy to Make!

VIEW IN GALLERYNailpolish and wire loop

For the fashionista in you who loves to try out the latest trends, then you will no doubt end up with a ton of nail polish that is either outdated or just not that ‘hip’ anymore. Sure, you can still use it once in a while, but if we told you that you could turn it into some cool stained glass flower rings for the next weekend party! That’s right, these stylish rings are pretty easy to make and can be super-addictive as well.

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY ring with nail polish and wire

What You Need:

  • Jewelry Wire of your Choice
  • Nail Polish

We came across these colorful and cute rings on Instructables and while they might seem atouch tough to craft at first, you will soon get the hang of things. Creating multi-colored rings is simply a breeze with this technique and you can even move on to craft matching droplet-styled earrings, once you have mastered the smaller loops.

VIEW IN GALLERYStained Glass Flower Ring Tutorial

If you are having trouble making the nail polish sick in the metallic loop with the brush, then try out an alternative method by dipping it in a small dish with nail polish. Also, make sure you gently turn the wire around a few times as the nail polish settles to get a more even look.

This will obviously make a great gift for kids and adults alike and you will of course have the satisfaction of creating our own custom jewelry pieces that sync with your wardrobe perfectly.

Nail Polish Flower Rings [Video]

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