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Delicate Beauty: Decor Ideas Involving Lace

Usually the point of a new decor piece is to draw the eye and make your space look pleasant. What better way to make things look nice than with some pretty lace? We’re such big fans of lace that we’d incorporate it into basically every project we make if we could.

Check out these 15 lovely lace ideas for your next home decor project!

1. Ceramic and lace flower pots

VIEW IN GALLERYCeramic and lace flower pots

A Beautiful Mess reminds you that, even though potted plants are already a cute decor idea, you can make them even better. Lace is a simple way to do that! No matter how you choose to place the lace, it’ll look delicate and very pretty.

2. Lace stenciled ceiling

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous DIY Lace stenciled ceiling

Did you love how the lace pattern made on the stepping stones looked? You can dothat inside your home too! If you’re really in love with lace and willing to commit to the look, try stenciling a lace pattern onto your ceiling, just like Bella Tucker did.

3. Lace stenciled dresser

VIEW IN GALLERYLovely Lace stenciled dresser

Uniquely Chic suggests the same lace stenciling technique to upcycle old furniture. Rather than getting rid of them, help them look gorgeously vintage and unique!

4. Lace doily hot air balloons

VIEW IN GALLERYLace doily hot air balloons

Are you looking for some whimsical decor to hang outside during a picnic, birthday party, or outdoor wedding? These beautiful little hot air balloons are the perfect thing! Find out how they’re made on Joann.

5. Lace doily table runner

VIEW IN GALLERYClassic Lace doily table runner

Vintage Junky shows you how to attach lovely lace doilies of all sizes and patterns in order to create a delicate, feminine table runner for your dining room table.

6. Simple lace doily hanging lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYLace doily hanging lamp

Have you ever made simple string balls or lamps? This lace decor technique uses the same skills and methods as that! Grab a balloon and a paintbrush and follow the steps on Dos Family.

7. Lace lampshade


The Spanish Dahlia shows you the completely process for making a lace lampshade that looks delicate and vintage in your room, particularly if you have other lace decor around. Imagine how pretty it will look when the lace makes a pattern on the walls as the light shines through!

8. Lace motif wooden chair

VIEW IN GALLERYLace motif wooden chair

Here’s some more lace stenciling for you! Can you tell that we love the effect it has? Creativity in DIY suggests using it to create a faded-in lace motif across the surfaces of a spray painted wooden chair, and we agree!

9. Lace mason jar candles

VIEW IN GALLERYChic lace mason jar candles

Small cleaned out mason jars make great holders for tea light candles. Paperblog shows you how gorgeous it looks when you decoupage lace right onto the surface of the jar so that the candle light shines through, creating patterned shadows in the glow.

10. Lace doily canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Lace doily canvas art

Simply attractive canvas wall art never gets old, especially when it comes to making art that is textured. Check out how Janet Berg differently patterned pretty lace doilies to cover this large canvas.

11. Lace doily bowls

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Lace doily bowls

You can never have too many small bowls to store things like change, keys, or hair pins! A Little Craft in Your Day shows you how to make a lace doily curl delicately into a bowl shape, as well as how to make them in any colour you choose!

Have you made other beautiful lace decor projects that we simply must see? Tell us about them in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!