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15 Easy Knitting Projects Made With One Ball of Yarn

If you’re anything like us, then you might be in the habit of over stocking on yarn each time you start a new project just to stop yourself from running out right before you finish. Usually, this results in a large “leftovers” basket of single balls of yarn. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! In fact, single skeins are surprisingly versatile things to have lying around.

Check out these 15 super easy projects that only need one ball of yarn!

1.  Cabled Wristers by Redheart


These wristlets are simple to do but still detailed and decorative, making them perfect complements to almost any outfit in the fall.

2.  Wickerwork hat by Balls to The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYWickerwork hat

Hats are one of the best things to knit from a single ball of yarn! This pattern shoes you hot to do a ribbed edge and an interlocking pattern but still save enough yarn at the end for a cut pom pom.

3. Fantastic welted cowl by Balls to The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYFantastic welted cowl

Cozy neck cowls are an awesome single skein projects as well. Making them tighter by only using one balls, rather than using two so they resemble infinity scarves, keeps the warm edge closer to your face in cold weather.

4. Easy ribbed woodland scarf by Redheart

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy ribbed woodland scarf by Redheart

As long as you’re not looking for a super long scarf that wraps around six times, one skein is enough! This easy ribbed pattern gives you a warm chunky pattern without going through the yarn too quickly so that the scarf is too short.

5. Starburst mitts by Knitting and So On

VIEW IN GALLERYStarburst mitts

Just because you’re using a single skein of yarn doesn’t mean you can’t make something with a fun colour variegation or a cute pattern! These cute little mittens are proof.

6. Heather’s Hat by Balls to The Walls Knits


This slouchy hate is the perfect project for using up spare yarn in the fall or the winter. Interesting stitch patterns jazz it up without making you switch colours or wools.

7. Rib & Cable cowl by Balls to The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYRib & Cable cowl

This pattern might be simple to do, but that certainly doesn’t make it boring! Especially if you choose a yarn that has a little sparkle to it, just like the one in this picture, you’ll be rocking a subtle, warm glamour all winter long.

8. Keyhole scarf by Patons

VIEW IN GALLERYKeyhole scarf by Patons

Do you have trying to balance tying your scarf tightly enough that it keeps you warm with knotting it too tightly? Then this scarf is definitely the best one skein project for you! simply slip one end of the scarf through the hole in the other end and voila! Your scarf will be easy to put on and adjust.

9. Cable knit hand warmers by The Things We Do

VIEW IN GALLERYCable knit hand warmers

Hand warmers are basically always a simple one skein project, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little fancier with your pattern. These cable knit mitts are a good combination of simple ribbing and delicate, more intricate cables to keep things interesting.

10. Comfy cotton candy cap by All Free Knitting

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Comfy cotton candy cap

Just because winter is dark and dreary sometimes doesn’t mean your wardrobe or hobbies have to be. This bright, cheerful hat with a bright, cheerful name only takes one skein of yarn. It’s also a fun project to knit stitch-wise!

11. Romantic Trellis cowl by Balls the The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYRomantic Trellis cowl

Are you hoping to make yourself a warm cowl but looking for something a little more interesting than the standard over-the-head style? This delicate looking cowl has a more visual pattern and ties up at the side for a fashionable little flair.

12. Miracle cable hand warmers by Tiny Painter

VIEW IN GALLERYMiracle cable hand warmers

Interlocking detail on the backs of these hand warmers makes them look quite fancy without changing colours or textures. They’re fun, but they’re still a simple one skein pattern that you can probably whip up in a couple of days.

13. Refreshing Zen hat by Balls to The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYRefreshing Zen hat

We love the way that this pattern alternates between a tightly knit stitch and a more visible one. It breaks the hat up visually for a more interesting look without getting complicated or using more than one skein.

14.  Sailor’s Rib cowl by Balls to The Walls Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYSailor's Rib cowl

This cowl, which also uses one a single ball of yarn, is chunky enough to keep your warm on very cold days. It’s also knit in a pattern that could be worn by anyone, so it makes a versatile gift.

15. Garter drop-stitch scarf by All Free Knitting

VIEW IN GALLERYCozy Garter drop-stitch scarf

Drop stitch patterns are an awesome way to create a great visual look without using a lot of yarn or getting very difficult. We love the way that they create clear stripes nestled between rows of garter stitch!