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Awesome DIY Makeup Looks for Halloween Parties

Each Halloween, we try to attend as many parties and events as we can, even though we only ever have the time to make one or two costumes. That means we usually find ourselves with some spare nights out that need some kind of look. This is where our makeup skills step in to save the day! We find that if we have our makeup done very spooky or impressively, people overlook the fact that our outfit that night might not technically be a costume in itself.

Just in case you’re a huge fan of the idea of dong some spooky or unique makeup on yourself (or a friend) this Halloween, whether you pair it with a costume or not, here are 15 of the coolest tutorials we gathered this year while we tried to choose our looks!

1. Pixelated makeup


Have you ever watched a photo load on a slow Internet connection and seen the face of the person you’re looking at briefly pause as a series of squares before it finally comes into focus? That’s exactly the effect that The Powder Room shows you how to recreate on your own face!

2. Deer makeup


Not every Halloween look has to be creepy or spooky to be a success. Sometimes we just want to dress up as something cute and Halloween is the perfect time to do it! Check out how The Makeup Chair created an adorable little deer look in surprisingly few simple steps.

3. Half skull face


Have you actually been hoping to try your hand at a look that’s almost more like full on face painting rather than just doing some simple makeup? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Roxxsaurus carefully alternated strokes with black and white in order to turn the bottom half of their face into a wonderfully detailed skull.

4. Black Swan


Sometimes even when we do have a full Halloween costume, our makeup skills are what really put the finishing touches on the look and take the whole idea to the next level! That’s what this tutorial from Courtney Little Makeup is here to help you do in the event that you’re feeling your Black Swan fantasy this fall.

5. Creepy porcelain doll makeup


Did we almost catch your attention when we started talking about Halloween makeup looks that are kind of cutesy, but you can’t help wanting to put at least a small creepy twist on whatever look you’re creating? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how A DIY Projects added angry brows and stitch-like strokes to make a porcelain doll look more ominous.

6. Glamourous Pennywise


Pennywise the clown has been a super trendy costume for the last couple years since the release of the updated It movie, but just because lots of people have done it doesn’t mean you can’t make it fabulous on yourself! We love the way Kayla Hagey altered the movie’s makeup slightly to be creepy, without a doubt, but also somehow a little glam, just in case you feel like looking your best for the party, even if you’re dressed like a killer clown.

7. Bursting roses


Have you always been a fan of the special effects makeup work that goes into that classic look where a pop can is embedded in the skin over one eye, but you’ve hesitated in trying it out because you think you’d rather put a unique spin on the idea? Then maybe you’d prefer to make it look like something is bursting out of the skin instead! We love the way Downvids did it with red flowers.

8. Pink and green alien


Have you actually been thinking about a makeup look that might extend past your face and let you get near the realm of body paint by extending down onto your neck and shoulders too? In that case, we thin you might get along very well indeed with something like this fantastic alien look outlined step by step on A DIY Projects! We love their green, pink, and white colour scheme but you could get creative and switch it up too.

9. Sparkling unicorn


We’re sure you’ve seen lots of unicorns running around this Halloween and we’re not surprised, nor are we upset, but we can understand how you might want to put a unique or darker looking spin on your own unicorn look as a result. That’s why we think you simply must see the way Congo Today did a sort of graffiti inspired unicorn look that’s still heavy on all the loved classics like bright colours and sparkles, but has a slightly more punk element as well.

10. Ghoulish ghost


Are you actually searching for Halloween makeup tutorials because you were invited to a party very last minute and you don’t have any kind of costume at all, or even really that much time to get ready? In that case, we’d suggest trying something like this GaleGale tutorial that shows you how to transform yourself into a ghoulish ghost in just a few creative brush strokes and two colours.

11. Simple black cat makeup


Perhaps you’d rather look more glamorous than usual rather than turning yourself into some kind of spooky ghoul, but you’re not the most avid makeup wearer ever so you feel like you could use a little bit of guidance? In that case, we think you’ll get along very well indeed with something like this lovely black cat tutorial from Danielle Mansutti.

12. Fox makeup


Do we almost have your attention with the other cute animals we’ve shown you so far, but you’ve already seen lots of deer and black cats and you’d prefer to be something at least a little different this Halloween? Then maybe you’d have a better time turning yourself into a little orange fox instead, just like The Wonder Forest did here!

13. Spooky skull makeup


What if you’re still feeling quite enamoured with the half skull design we showed you a little bit earlier on our list but you think you’d rather skip the glamorous upper makeup and paint a creep skull across your whole face instead? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Fashionisers did just that in fantastic detail!

14. Egyptian goddess makeup


Here’s another tutorial for those who want to look their best and glam things up a little bit but still get into a costume that will impress their friends! Check out how Valery Vision did a gold inspired look that’s positively perfect for being paired with a Cleopatra costume, no matter how simple or authentic.

15. Creepy clown smile makeup


Did we certainly pique your interest when we started talking about creepy clown makeup but, rather than being another pennywise in your group of friends, do you think you’d rather be a slightly creepier, less distinctly movie related clown? Then we’d definitely suggest using this tutorial from Lost in Lala as a springboard and adding your own spooky elements from there!