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12 Extra Glam Makeup Looks for an Awesome Girls’ Night Out

We might have passed New Year’s Eve already, but there are still plenty of reasons to practice your makeup and get all glammed up! Valentine’s Day, for example, is just around the corner. Who says you need an excuse to make yourself feel fancy, though? We like to pain a pretty face for any night out, but our favourite time to really go wild with our style is for a girls’ night out!

Check out these 12 gorgeous makeup looks that are easy to accomplish yourself and perfect for going out with your friends and both looking and feeling your best.

1. Brows and bright lips

VIEW IN GALLERYBrows and bright lips

Are you a big fan of choosing one or two facial features and really making sure they stand out, keeping the rest of your makeup quite neutral and natural? Then follow Chelsea Hernandez‘s lead and amp up your brows and lips! You’ll still create a lovely sparkling eye and get your contour on, but this is the time for arches and pouts to shine.

2. Flawless skin and deep lips

VIEW IN GALLERYFlawless skin and deep lips

Is flawless skin your top priority tonight when you’re out with your friends? Makeup is, after all, one of the greatest tools for building confidence in your image no matter what condition your skin is in! My Pale Skin shows you how to cover blemishes and perfectly blend your foundation so you can spend your night worrying about things other than whether people have noticed that your nose is red or the area under your eyes is a little dark right now.

3. Soft smokey eyes

VIEW IN GALLERYSoft smokey eyes

Some people balk a little when they hear the term “smoky eye” because they immediately start picturing very dark, dramatic styles with lots of deep black shadow. Staci Durham is here to show you, however, that that doesn’t have to be the case! This light smoky eye blends a subtle black corner with a shimmering champagne shadow for a similar idea but with a lighter effect.

4. Pink lips and a smoky outer corner

VIEW IN GALLERYPink lips and a smoky outer corner

Perhaps you loved the idea of a lighter lid with a smoky outer corner, but you still want to throw some colour into the mix? Rather than getting too complicated with the eyes, save that colour pop for the lips instead! We love the idea of combining smoked out corners with a bright pink attitude-filled lipstick, just like the one Pink Heels, Pink Truck used here.

5. Copper and burgundy

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper and burgundy

Perhaps the look you had in mind is a little more on the “vamp” side of things, like you might see in old Hollywood glamour films? Then a deep red lip is an absolute must! ItsSteephh also suggests framing your eyes with a copper colour that contrasts the tone of your burgundy lip well, making the whole look cohesive and pretty.

6. Bright pink accents


Did you know that you can make very bright looks cohesive as well? Believe it or not, it’s easy to do without looking too garish or gaudy in your use of colours! Karima McKimmie suggests first choosing the bright lip colour you’d like to feature all night and then matching your eyes to your pout by blending the same or a similar colour right in the inner corners of your eyes for just a pinch of drama.

7. Soft, smoky pink

VIEW IN GALLERYSoft, smoky pink

Are you still looking for ways to incorporate pink into your look, but you’d like something more dramatic than the soft pink smoky eye we showed you above? Then don’t be scared to get a little bit more intense with your pinks! As long as you blend will and smoke the black shadow out effectively along with the pink, Melissa Samways assures you that the effect will make you look stylish and fun rather than like you’ve been crying.

8. Neutral with a wing

VIEW IN GALLERYNeutral with a wing

Do you absolutely adore the way winged eyeliner looks on your particular eye shape and you’d like to keep that as the central feature of your look for the next girls’ night because that’s what makes you feel the most confident? Then check out how Sigma Beauty blended natural shades to the crease in a way that’s just right!

9. Pink and rose gold

VIEW IN GALLERYPink and rose gold

Perhaps you enjoyed the blushing pink look but it actually needs just a touch more shimmer and shine before it’s the right look for you? Then we definitely think you should check out this pink and rose gold version! Jamie Paige suggests concentrating a rose gold pigment in the centre of your lid over top of a pink to make the pretty contrast evident and let the shimmer make your eyes pop.

10. Sultry gold


Are you so enamored with the rose gold that you’re about ready to skip the pink all together and just let the gold take the stage for the night? We don’t blame you! Like The Beauty By Bel, we think one of the best colours to pair with gold is a deep shade of maroon or burgundy. That way you get shine and tone all in one look.

11. Copper with glitter

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper with glitter

Did you enjoy the copper look we talked about above but you’d actually prefer to give it a little more umph? Then smoke it out from the lid to the crease, as well as under the waterline, but amp the style up by carefully dotting some gold glitter on the inner corner of your eye, just like Jaclyn Hill did here!

12. Dark and sexy

VIEW IN GALLERYDark and sexy

We’ve been talking about this dark, dramatic smoky eye all through this post, so now it’s time to show you what we actually mean! This sensual look combines a well blended black shadow with a sparkling gold pigment for a high glamour look that shows people your personality and your skills all at once. Makeup Now shows you how to do it!