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Simple Trick to Peel Garlic without Touching It!

From lowering blood cholesterol to upping your germ resistance, garlic offers a multitude of health benefits. An integral part of cuisines across the world ranging from Italian to Indian, Mediterranean to Mexican, working with garlic is simply unavoidable in the kitchen. This often means messy peeling of the outer skin that leaves your hands smelling like garlic long after your kitchen stint. Well, today we have a simple hack that will help you get around the problem.

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This is not only a smart and easy way to peel garlic, but you will never actually have to dig your fingers in and do the dirty work. All you need here is a glass jar with a tight lid or any container closed at the top to get the job done. Just put the garlic in the glass jar and start shaking away. And then… Well, that is about it! Keep shaking till you see the garlic cloves come out of the skin, all on their own.

Yup, the whole thing sounds a like a technique borrowed from CIA; shake those cloves till they reveal themselves! This is probably the easiest way to peel garlic that you will ever come across and it sure proves the old adage of ‘shake it, till you make it’ (well, we took liberties with that one)

Still don’t believe us? Check it out as it happens:

YouTube video